Install DSMR reader on hass os

Again error

I am giving up, sorry.

No problem mate , thx for your help, hope someone else can help

You can look into this, if you want. This skips all the hassle:

Mmm theres not much difference then with the integrated dsmr “slimme meter”

Thats the reason why i want to go the dsmr reader route…

Ah, I understand!
Can you let me know what you are ‘missing’ from the official component and what you want to achieve? Maybe I can bring it as a feature in the HomeWizard Energy component.

Using the official… HA is terrible in history keeping…
Thatswhy i would prefer the reader
Also, it fills up your db in ha

  • graphs without the need to program it

I think the homewizard energy component has the same sensors as the official , no???
Which sensors do you make then from it, in HA?

Same type of sensors (maybe a different name) and it uses the HA DB. So yes it has no use case for you. Sorry for the interruption.

No problem mate.
Perhaps i should stay with the official one…
And try other stuff with it.
I want statistics per day/week/month/year for gas and electric… and stuff

You could try to look into the Grafana add-on. Maybe this is way you are looking for.

I just posted in that topic of yours.
Theres a guy with very nice statistics

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I am using DSRM reader this way.

Installed the Portainer Addon and added the two docker containers, 1 for DB and 1 for DSRM.
I will post some screenshots soon for the details.

You still need the integration if you want to have reading in Home Assistant though

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  • Add a containter for the DB: postgres:12-alpine.

  • Map /var/lib/postgresql/data to hostvolume /mnt/data/supervisor/share/dsmrdb. (first install samba addon, you can then access dsmrdb in the share folder of hassio)

  • set network to hassio

  • add environment vars for POSTGRES_USER etc.

  • add a container for DSMR with the image: ualex73/dsmr-reader-docker:latest

  • for DB_HOST set it to dsmrdb:


  • set the network to hassio.
  • dont forget to the the device of the USB
  • map the ports 7779 to 443 and 7777 to 80
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Install the grafana addon, you can create dashboards:

But then you need the Hassio dsmr integration. If you just want the graphs from DSRM you can install the dockers and you will have port 7777 and 7779 on your Hassio box for DSMR

@Romkabouter thx will try and test.
I cant run that simultaenously with “slimme meter” right?
I should first get rid of slimme meter?

I went to app templates, chose PostgreSQL and entered this

I cant map add the hostvolume there, it says select volume and its empty
Am i doing right?

You have to remove Slimme meter, because that is also using the USB, this is assuming you have the USB cable connected to P1
Better to install these two dockers and use:

if you want to connect it to HA.

You can map the hostvolume, click the “bind” button (to the right of container field)
Also, add these under the ENV tab
TZ Europe/Amsterdam
PG_TZ Europe/Amsterdam
POSTGRESS_USER: dsmrreader
POSTGRESS_DB: dsmrreader

I suggest using only lowercase for the name by the way

Are you using the portainer addon? I have a slighty different screen under Containers->Add
Or is your screenshot a different screen?

But i used template “PostgreSQL”
Should i use container instead?
If i chose container-> add container i still need to fill in stuff i dont know

Possible to point me how to add the container for db postfres 12 aalpine

Yes, add container :slight_smile:
See PM

Check out the easy way to use DSMR as addon, DSMR Reader Add-on for Home Assistant