Install HASS on Windows 10 then decommission

Ok first world problem :wink:

I make it clear n concise.

I am still waiting for my Raspberry pi 3 but I can’t wait (seriously) so I am planning to install Hass on Windows 10 on my PC, do my basic work there, get to know Hass, create interface, automation.

When the Raspberry pi arrives, I plan to install Hass there then copy my work from Windows 10 configuration.yml to Pi then decommission Hass on Windows 10.

I know we can have more than 1 hass running at home, but I really only prefer 1,just to keep it clean.


  1. Is this good idea or bad idea for beginners? Am i making it complicated comes the installation of pi3?
  2. Will the straight copy and paste work from windows 10 to pi?
  3. How to completely decommission HASS from Windows 10? Easy?

Thx in advance.

  1. how long is your Pi going to take? They can be bought for pretty much online prices in store. I’d get another one and use the one on its way for something else

  2. It can be done. You would just copy all your yaml files to the RPi once HA is installed on it.

  3. Not sure about the remaining install on Windows as I’ve never installed HA on it but I’m assuming that it would just be the usual uninstall process

Hang on, which store is this @sparkydave?

Altronics have them in stock. Sure it’s not exactly the same price but since you don’t pay postage and can have it instantly, I’d pay the extra $5 or $10…

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Yeah WA to NSW postage may cost a bit.

Altronics are also in NSW

This might be an option for you:

Keep in mind that this needs a good understanding of the Technology behind to get it running on Windows (maybe boot Linux from a USB drive and install there).
I’d recommend waiting :slight_smile:

Interesting… I’ll see. If my Pi comes this week, I shall not try this.

So after installing both requirements Vagrant and Virtual Box, where do you type in those command prompt? GIT?

In a command prompt?

FYI: git is not an application that you can run commands in. Git is a command. :wink:

Yeah i was thinking command prompt but it doesn’t even like it when I typed in cd ~ but then maybe because I haven’t got Vagrant and Virtual Box installed yet.

Isn’t cd ~ a command in Windows? Damn, haven’t used command prompt a while. Cd is change directory?

Ahhh you have to install git to run the git command.

I was quite busy lately. How is the process going?
To be honest with you I would recommend to wait for the Pi to arrive :slight_smile:

This method doesn’t work with Windows 10 so yeah am waiting for my Pi. Some components also don’t work well in Windows, the likes of device tracker using Ping.