Install Hassbian no SSH or terminal login

I just downloaded and installed Hassbian V2.12 and burned it to an SD card using Etcher. I inserted the SD card into a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and found the IP address. I can connect to the WEB site but cannot SSH, connection refused, or do anything from the local terminal. The only login locally that seems to do anything is root with no password and I am logged in to HassOS not Raspbian and can do nothing useful. The instruction appear to suggest that SSH is enabled by default and the local terminal gets you to a standard Linux shell (bash ?).
What am I doing wrong?
In addition, I cannot access the SD card from OSX so I can’t set up the wireless connection using the instructions provided.

There is no such thing as Hassbian V2.12 so I guess you’ve installed Check the instructions on howto enable WiFi.

My apologies. I installed the wrong image of course. It took me many attempts to get this working but I have finally manged to get Hassbian running on a wired connection and working with a ZWave / Zigbee dual radio USB stick and a Sylvania A19 bulb. Now to set about switch over all my system from SmartThings to Hass. I think this is going to ba a long and painful ride but believe the final outcome will justify the effort.

Thanks for your help.