Install Home Assistant Supervised or multiple services with provided image


I looking for an installation method which will install Home Assistant with the supervisor in docker. The generic Linux install is technically always an image download, but I need to use multiple services from the same pi. Like mqtt, pi hole, HA, etc, which I don’t see how can I do with the direct install of the home assistant via and if I only install the docker version which is only the core, then I don’t have add-on store… What’s the possibility here? How can I have supervised HA and be able to run multiple services from the same Raspberry Pi 4?

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No it’s not. It does exactly what you are asking for.

By literally following the instructions that you linked to.

OH FFS, they broke the link and removed the instructions.

Yep, 14hrs ago. Not sure why. I’ve created PR to reinstate.

Ok, so this is why I didn’t find it. I feel myself like a total idiot, everybody pointed to that page, but I’ve fount only images… :smiley:

Follow this for the Pi

The images you are referring to which you flash to an SD come with an operating system and docker.
MQTT broker, PiHole (though that is deprecated), and HA all run in docker containers when you are using those “images”.

link to the PR?

The site also referring to it as an image. Yes, I know it comes with an OS, but there’s no reachable linked documentation what kind of other things are coming with it. (i.e. your mentioned services) Besides that, there’s also no information about how to install other services if later on, I will need to do (and also how to reach the OS, because if I just connect my Pi to a display, there’s only the ‘boot log’ visible). Becuase of these and because I don’t know how it’s built, it’s pritty hard to use it, so I’ve needed to change to another approach which I know. Install an OS and on top of it somehow (most likely without havy virtualization) the rest which is needed.

Just need to do a little time travelling…

It’s also being discussed here Support for supervised install on generic Linux host has been removed that thread has links to the PR etc.