Installation Homeassistant Supervised on Pine64

Prepare SD-Card for PINE64 (2GB Version) micro Computer //Image download (64bit) //flash the Image on the SD-Card

USE only LAN! Nothing to Change! Put the SD-Card in the Pine64 and turn the Power on.

IP: YourDietPI-IP:22 SSH over PuTTY (Please change Font by PuTTY himself)


Software Password change

Root Password change

Home Assistant Supervised Installation on Pine64 with DietPI ArmV8 Bullseye (Debian11)

  1. ) install all dependencies
apt install jq wget curl avahi-daemon apparmor udisks2 libglib2.0-bin network-manager dbus lsb-release systemd-journal-remote -y




apt update && apt upgrade -y 


curl -fsSL | sh






dpkg i os-agent_1.5.1_linux_aarch64.deb




Install the homassistant folder on SSD instead of /usr/share/homeassistant.

DATA_SHARE=/my/own/homeassistant dpkg --force-confdef --force-confold -i homeassistant-supervised.deb

CPU = quemuarch64

When Supervised is no more loading (docker update etc.), please make bevor every change an full backup on HA! Remove the homeassistant folder with rm-rf /homeassistant an run the step 9 again. The supervised will work again. Then restore HA with your full backup.



11.) WLAN: use nmtui to set the WLAN connection correctly with Network Manager.

Installation is done. Homeassistant works with Add-On`s & Shop > YourServerIP:8123

Here an Instruction Guide to move the Docker Data Directory from SD Card to USB-SSD

An now is my installation full supported (CGroup1 instead of CGroup2) folllowing the instruction in the link.

I hope that was useful.

Greatings from Germany

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I see you’ve ignored the Supervised requirements. You can expect to run into problems.

@Zettmaster Hi, does this work? I would like to install Home Assistant on my Pine64, and would like to try this Suprvised way. Your experience would be much appreciated!

@Tinkerer What would be your advice for the best option to install Home Assistant to the Pine64A?

Thank you == Mac Ha

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Container if you want something supported and supportable.

Supervised if you’re happy that the entire thing may stop working.

Of course, it will work great with DuckDNS (https), File editor, Node-Red, Mosqitto, Grafana, InFluxDB, Maria-DB and TasmoAdmin AddONs. I have the Docker directory move to my USB > 256GB SSD. I make instructions on this Forum. This step will required. System is now full supported! See Link in the discription.

The Container way doesn’t work for me, somehow docker installation on Pine64 Armbian is giving me errors. So I’ve just installed the latest Armbian Jammy 23.02, and went the Core installation path - Python virtual environment still more familiar to me than Docker. And everything works fine, Homeassistant 52023.5.3 is up and running on my very old (since their Kickstarter) Pine64A-2G board.

Thank you anyway == Mac Ha

Oh, thats not fine…i have now found an answer for the docker directory and i have updated the instructions. Have fun…greatings