Installation of Overkiz integration for Somfy Connectivity Kit

Trying to install Overkiz for Somfy Connectivity Kit. Documentation states this Kit is supported. First window asks for geographic location: ‘Somfy (Europe)’. Next it asks for local or cloud api. I choose ‘Local’.
Then, ‘to activate Developer mode of your Tahoma box’, I get prompted for Hostname, Username and Password. I do not have a Tahoma box and on the back of the Somfy Connectivity Kit is a mac address and a pin code, that’s it.

So,the question is how do I install Overkiz for this box?

Thanks a bunch.

You can’t choose local with this device.
From the doc:

The Somfy TaHoma v2, Somfy Connexoon and Somfy TaHoma Switch support the Somfy TaHoma Developer Mode (local API).


Local API via HomeKit Controller
If your hub (e.g. Somfy Connectivity Kit) supports HomeKit natively, your setup code will be added as a sensor in Home Assistant. Find your hub in Home Assistant and retrieve the value from the HomeKit Setup Code sensor. You can now configure the HomeKit Controller integration in Home Assistant and benefit from local support. Only a limited set of devices is supported.

So you need to use the HomeKit controller integration if you want local control.

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Thanks for your response. Homekit is Apple only as far as I know. I prefer not to use cloud but if that is the only option…I will give it a try.

Yes it’s Apple but it’s not cloud here. HA simulates a HomeKit controller in order for your device to connect to HA. Then it’s local only between HA and your device. No cloud at all here

I’m confused. I assumed I need an Apple device (iphone, ipad) to be able to work with that (Homekit) integration. That is not the case?

No need for an Apple device, Home Assistant can emulate a HomeKit controller (like an Apple device). You should see the HomeKit Setup Code as a sensor when you look for your gateway in the Home Assistant device list. If your mDNS is working, it should already have discovered a HomeKit controller, otherwise you can try creating a new HomeKit controller in Home Assistant.

Ok, I will give that a try then. Thanks a bunch!

Hi again, as it turned out the (refurbished) Somfy Connectivity box was still connected to a Polish account. Somfy disconnected and I was able to initialize and connect to wifi.
So, the good news is, that HA does autodiscover it as a Homekit device.

The bad news is that it asks for an 8-digit (XXX-XX-XXX) pairing code. On the back of the Somfy box is a 12-digit PIN (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) that is not accepted by the Homekit integration.

Anybody any clue how to proceed?

Hi again, I found it thru this link that says 8-digit code OR QR code.

Then I noticed the 2nd QR with an 8 digit number, although without the dashes. I first broke it up into 3-2-3 but that didnt work. Just entering the code without any dashes did the trick. So I guess the HA prompt could be more clear by removing the dashes.

All who tried to help, thanks a bunch!

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The code (2523 3903) should be the right code, which is on your hub next to the home icon. You should be able to see this code as well in the Overkiz integration, as a sensor.

Yes, thanks, I’ve got it working in HA now.

Pls, how to disconnect the SCK from yet connected account? I have bought a box but the last owner did not reset it. Thank you.

Sorry, away for a while.
I just contacted Somfy. They did ‘something’ and after that I was able to follow the standard install procedure.

Yes, I tried that too. It is a security measure, SCK can be disconnected from the registered account either by the original owner or by Somfy (it is necessary to contact the support of the country of original registration), otherwise it is not possible, resetting the device alone will not help. They helped me too. Thanks.