Installation on a Raspberry Pi 4 "Preparing Home Assistant"

I’m new to using Home Assistant.
I did exactly what you say on your website: Raspberry Pi - Home Assistant.
I tested with two SD cards. But after plugging the card into the Raspberry, I still see this “Preparing Home Assistant” screen. Also after a night of waiting!

I use raspberry pi imager these days. See my post here. It works for me every time.

I would also install on an ssd if possible. It will be easy to change to ssd in the future if you want to though.

Have you tried re-opening the Home Assistant web page? The “Preparing Home Assistant” screen unfortunately doesn’t automatically update once everything’s ready.

Hello, thank you very much for your help. OK I will plan the installation on an SSD.
In the meantime I flashed a new SD card with the help of imager_1.7.3.exe and the downloded file haos_rpi4-64-7.6.img.xz.
After about 1 hour, I was able to create an account. But, the reactions between the menus are quite slow.
I ordered a new SD card and a 1TB SSD from Aliexpress.
Now I have to wait a few weeks.
I will send you a feedback after this new installation.

The newest version is 9.3.3. I’m wondering if there’s a reason you’re installing an older version (7.6).

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With a little delay, here is my current state.
The boot of my Raspberry directs the loading of Homeassistant on a 250MB WD Elements external hard drive.
It has been working fine for months. I can also make backup images of my hard disk. I even cloned it to another hard drive and there too the Home assistant startup works perfectly. This is a good security for me.
Thanks again for your recommendations.

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