Installation on Mac mini


Do you think it’s possible to install Homme Assistant on an old Mac mini ?

Apple Intel Mac-mini Core solo 1,5 GHz.
avec alimentation, câbles, câble DVI.
HDD 60Go
OsX 10.6.8 possibilité OsX 10.7

A quick search here suggests yes. Try it and let us know how you get on.

You maybe up against some challenges to get supported version of python running on those versions of MacOS (OSX). The alternative of running linux natively is also a bit of challenge on that model of Mac Mini, perhaps possible but may take some work ( .
If you have time on your hands … if not you might want to invest in a low cost Raspberry Pi and spend your time on Home Assistant configurations rather than shoe horning Linux.
Newer Mac Mini’s do run Linux nicely, if you can find someone that is getting rid of an older Mac Mini due to it not supporting the latest versions of MacOS. The 2012 units are currently falling off being at least 2 version of MacOS out of date. But they run Ubuntu 20 nicely. I even have one running with an external Nvidia GPU doing data science and graphics on my Home Assistant data.
Good hunting!