Installed a different Hacs

I was installing HACS, and I accidentally installed something from another website (I missed a dot ‘.’). I think it downloaded something but want to make sure what should I do.

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You might find some answers in this topic Can't get HACS to install -

Hello Nick, I already searched the form and outside the form, but didn’t find my case. The problem is not with installing HACS, I already did on my second try in the screenshot. But before installing the real HACS I typed the wrong url. I want to know if it really downloaded something or not, because this website looks suspicious

it doesn’t look to me like anything to downloaded on your first erroneous attempt.

also i did a quick lookup on that domain and it looks like one of the common (legit) domain squatters.

I visited the site and was redirected to which was blocked by uBlock because: is a site that redirects the browser to ads for unwanted browser extensions, surveys, adult sites, online web games, fake software updates, and unwanted programs.

I do agree that it appears that nothing was installed though. It downloaded a webpage when it was expecting a script.


So nothing happened.

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huh… interesting. i went to and that one had the standard domain squat. but the root redirected to, which is not good.

Yeah I went directly to

Do you suggest formatting and reinstalling home assistant? Since I just started and didn’t do much.
And thanks guys for the help

don’t think you need to do anything. just carry on…
but if you’re paranoid about it and you just started… sure, restart. personally i wouldn’t. but that’s just me. we each have our own levels of paranoia :slight_smile:

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Great! Thanks man