Installing HA addon Cloudflare on docker container?

I followed this guide to enable remote access on my HA instance: The Easiest Free Way To Do Home Assistant Remote Access! - YouTube

However, half through the video I could not find this add on store in my HA frontend. Turns out that its not supported when running docker container.
Is it possible to install a specific addon anyway? I’m looking to install this: GitHub - brenner-tobias/ha-addons: Repository for Home Assistant Add-Ons

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Did you find any solution to this? I’m in the same situation and cannot find anyway forward.

Maybe this?

I haven’t had time to test it though.

Yes it is, I’ve just managed to get it working

follow these steps to set up a cloudflared tunnel from a docker container (just use milgradesec/cloudflared instead of cloudflare/cloudflared): HOW TO deploy Cloudflare tunnel on a Container. (the raw way) - YouTube

Then follow these steps to get it to work with HA: HOW TO: connect Cloudflare tunnel to home assistant and node-red. - YouTube

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Could only post 2 links, but you’ll need this if you are running on an ARM64 based device like a Pi4 or an Odroid N2: use this cloudflared on arm64 image: Docker

Hi, I looked into this yesterday but gave up after 3 hours. Maybe you have some idea? :blush:

Awesome, worked for me, thank you very much!!

I don’t see here your ingress configuration part of your cloudflared config.yml file. Maybe there is a mistake there.
Otherwise, I think, it’s looking good.