Installing HA + Supervised on Raspberry running Debian 10 (headless)

Hi all,

I know this topic already available somewhere on this forum. However, I want to make it easier and off course installation headless (no monitor and keyboard+mouse needed)

So without further due I share two methods:

  1. a simple guide which can be found at my articles at
  2. By simply running a scripts to ease the installation from my github

The 2nd method is recommended for nubies since I add security enhancement to the installation process.

Anyone need my assistant please let me know.

Do you know if this will work on a OSMC Vero+ which I believe runs debian. Not sure how to check if it does and which version. I will have one spare when the updated Vero V is released and would like to try HA…

Hi @Wavy-Davy,

Since I did not own the device then it will be hard to know exactly until you try it. Again the device base for media stream and not sure which Debian version running in it.

Furthermore, it might be running a modified Debian which might create a problem with HA. Anyway, I need to update my script too and to support Debian 12, as supervisor now supports Debian 12 only.

Anyway again if you wanna try (backup first) the feel free to test and I will try to help out.

Most probably HA Supervised will not even install (see HERE).

And if it installs you will get an “unhealthy” and “unsupported” Home Assistant instance.

OSMC is based on Debian (it is a derivative) but not pure Debian OS. For more information check ADR0012 and ADR0014.

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