Installing HASS OS under XCP-ng

I have an XCP-ng server. It normally runs an instance of OpenMediaVault and a linux box. I had a brainwave: if I could install Home Assistant OS onto it as a VM, it would free up a Raspberry Pi!

My process:

  • Grabbed the haos_ova-6.1.vmdk, and imported it as a disk.
  • Created a new VM based on the Ubuntu Template. (I selected PXE as teh installation device: Orchestra obliges me to select an install media in order to ungrey the “Create” button)
  • Removed the SR (virtual disk) which Orchestra createse by default and replaced it with the VMDK image.

Problem is when I start the VM, it gets stuck at “Boordevice: Hard Disk - success.”

What’s irritating me is that had it working a few nights ago and I can’t recall how!

Has anyone got HASSOS to run on XCP-ng? Any tips, please?

Did you figure this out?

I had to enable uefi as boot firmware, and disable secure boot.
I did a vm import with the .ova file. Everything up and running without any issues.

I did. It was the UEFI switch I’d neglected to set. Thanks.