Installing Hassio on Debian 10

I am trying to install Hassio on Debian 10 Buster.

Running as root to do the installation
Docker has installed OK

[email protected]:/home/bat17#  apt-get install \
>   apparmor-utils \
>   avahi-daemon \
>   dbus \
>   jq \
>   network-manager \
>   socat

Gives me the following warning.

Setting up network-manager (1.14.6-2) ...
The following network interfaces were found in /etc/network/interfaces
which means they are currently configured by ifupdown:
- enp0s25
If you want to manage those interfaces with NetworkManager instead
remove their configuration from /etc/network/interfaces.

And the message

avahi-daemon is already the newest version (0.7-4+b1).
avahi-daemon set to manually installed.

curl -sL " -installer/master/" | bash -s
gives the error
[Error] Please install avahi first

Avahi is installed, so I am wondering if the problem is actually related to the NetworkManager issue noted above.

I am new to Linux so not keen to experiment to much and break something!

Thanks for any help you can give


I am having the same issue and have not found any solution yet.

HASS.IO is currently running in my house on a Debian 9.5 VM hosted in Win10 HyperV. Just got my hands on a better PC and was trying to bypass Win10 and dedicate a Debian OS for HASS.IO. May need to go down to 9.5 Stretch.

Thanks for the info.

I am just playing with this at the moment so if I don’t get any better ideas I may just try things and see what happens. Worst case is I break it and have to reinstall with 9.5 which is no great loss as I am using it on an old laptop which is dedicated for this experiment :slight_smile:


I have the same Issue when trying to install Hassio on my NUC.

Weird: Bevor installing to the NUC, I installed it within a Hyper-V VM with Debian 10, and that worked. Could it be Hardware related?

Well, actually I don´t know what I have done. I reinstalled the requirements, although every component told me that it was already installed and uptodate. Then, I used the script

curl -sL “” | bash -s – -m intel-nuc

and it workd suddenly.

For anyone who comes across this issue at a later time, here is the cause and the solution.

It appears a change was made in Debian 10 in how the su command works when switching to root. It does not seem to correctly set PATH on login. This causes a lot of things to fail in weird ways, including the detection for the avahi-daemon package.

Details on the missing Path.

Quick Fix:
Use “su -” to switch to the root user. This set the PATH correctly and the install now worked without issue.

Now can I have the hour back it took to figure that out…

I can’t login as root anyway… su -l asks for a password and I never set a root password.

I can run commands as sudo
Also if I do sudo su… it logs me in as root anyway. I originally (on stretch) used sudo with the command to install hassio…

I hit that small bump as well with avahi-daemon wile installing on a clearfog base.

The way I got around it was to download the install script and comment out the line:

command -v avahi-daemon > /dev/null 2>&1 || { echo "[Error] Please install avahi first"; exit 1; }

Then run the script. No problems after that.

One more way to get around the bump.

Hope its of help.