Installing Home Assistant OS using Proxmox 8

Just a quick update : After doing Kernel and Intel Microcode upgrade and changing CPU model (host) and Disk Cache (write-through), my HA instance is running stable for 36 hours. Still under monitoring but it looks promising so far.

I’m using HAOS 10.1 and Supervisor 2023.04.1.

@tteck and others : Thank you very much !

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I’ve setup a Ha vm in proxmox last week, but wanted setup a new one to with ttecks script.
The scripts starts but keeps hanging on the storage pool page. I can choose the local lvm but if i press ok, i stay in the same window. Same if i choose other locations. Any idea?

spacebar = select

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:shushing_face: thanks! helped me out!

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I modified the storage menu message in order to reduce any potential confusion.

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@tteck See the post below, @seanblanchfield claims to have HASS OS running fine inside LXD. Any reason why that wouldn’t work in Proxmox’s lxc?

I can envision issues with the nested docker using vfs storage and consuming tons of space, if it can’t be customized to use usermode fuse-overlayfs, maybe?

CMIW, In his case, LXD is being used in conjunction with other technologies to run VMs.
You cannot directly import a .qcow2 file into an LXC environment within Proxmox VE.

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Ahh I see, he’s using LXD for VMs, not lxc. Dang, thought I was on my way here.

Just a note:
To ensure compatibility with Proxmox VE on the affordable NUC-style systems equipped with N-series Celeron processors, it is necessary to install both the Proxmox 6.2 kernel and the new Intel microcode.

hi @kanga_who can you tell me how this went on the HP T520 thin client? can’t see other reports. I’m thinking of doing the same to a similarly spec’d thin client. how much ram did the t520 have?

Not sure if I have mentioned it in this thread, but I am running HA in proxmox on an hp t630. It has 16gb ram and a 256gb ssd. It also runs openmediavault with 3 usb ssd’s, pihole and motioneye with 8 cameras, Although only 2 cameras are setup for motion detection. The CPU sits at about 80% and ram at about 70%. The cpu usage is about half that it you turn off motioneye. An hp t520 will handle HA with ease.

Hi, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong (or if I just need to do some other steps). I have a Dell USFF running proxmox with a single NIC. I have Unifi network gear and the connection is a trunk connection sending all VLANs. Proxmox is on the default network and my want my HA VM to sit on the IoT VLAN. The Proxmox bridge is setup as VLAN aware. I’m using the advanced version of the script and setting the VM to be on VLAN 30 (IoT). But when the script has run HA isn’t showing an IPv4 address. What is confusing me is that my the interface in Proxmox is enp0s1 but HA is saying the interface is enp0s18. Is this the issue or is there something else I am missing?

This is what is setup for my network in Proxmox

And this is what I’m seeing in HA

Click “summary” and it should show you what ips are allocated. (above “console”)

That is normal.

New feature in Proxmox VE 7 Post Install

  • If an Intel N-series processor is detected, the script provides options to install both the Proxmox 6.2 kernel and the Intel microcode. and using PVE7, recommend using PVE8

Hi, summary below, but the IP I’m seeing is which isn’t on my IoT VLAN of 30.

If I click more I get this, which doesn’t have any IP address that is familar to me.

Sorry for multiple posts but as a new user I’m still limited to one pic per post

That looks like the Docker address.

How does stuff on the iot network get its ip? Is there a dhcp server?