Installing Home Assistant Supervised on FreeNAS 11.3 (in VM)

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After several attempts to run Home Assistant Supervised on FreeNAS 11.3 at last I found a simple way to do this:

  1. create a virtual machine in FreeNAS according to HA recommendations (32GB zvol, UEFI boot) and select VirtIO for storage and network adapter (but it may be not necessary):
    Installing Home Assistant

  2. download HA VDI image on HA installation page (link above) and unpack it from .gz

  3. convert .vdi to .raw by using Virtualbox tools:
    VBoxManage clonehd "image.vdi" "image.raw" --format RAW

  4. upload .raw image to FreeNAS

  5. run in FreeNAS shell command to copy RAW data into ZVOL of your new VM with this command:
    dd if=image.raw of=/dev/zvol/<your_pool_name>/<your_volume_name>

  6. Done. Now you can run your HA VM, use VNC for remote access and connect to HA through web interface, as usual:

Very useful indeed. Thanks for putting together

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