Installing Home Assistant Supervised using Debian 12

@kanga_who I still can’t boot Debian listed in the first post in any way, neither from USB+RPi4 nor from SD card in RPi4. I was wondering about using this version [Tested images]? would it be supported by HA then? Do you or anybody else know how this version different from the one posted in your link? HassOS, for sure, is not for me. I need Debian ! :tired_face:

When you get to the HA CLI through the addon you should be able to type “login” and then log into the host system.

I was getting:
[warn] The following is missing on the host and needs
[warn] to be installed and configured before running this script again
[error] missing: apparmor

before I found this post. Thanks!

sudo -i
before installation command

So you didn’t follow the instruction then.

Yup, this one for the RPI4 4GB is working perfectly:

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Use the Debian for Raspberry Pi guide. This guide is for Generic PC type installs.


Hi friends

First of all, thank your for this article, really good.

I have 3 doubts before starting to migrate to this installation:

1.- Can I perform this in a Synology NAS with Docker?

2.- Currently, I have a HA Docker installation in that Synology NAS, could I migrate the /config folder in order to migrate all my current configuration?

3.- Could I have watchtower to update all containers created automatically?


  1. Depending on the NAS it’s possible, but highly unlikely.

  2. No. Backup your config files.

  3. VERY, very bad idea. No.

Thanks Kanga!

I updated Debian this morning (to fix the kernel bug CVE-2021-33909, that was fixed yesterday), and now I noticed this error in the supervisor log :

WARNING (MainThread) [supervisor.bootstrap] Missing SUPERVISOR_MACHINE environment variable. Fallback to deprecated extraction!

How to fix this ? Everything is working, but still.

  1. Synology can only install HA Core via Docker unless you want to go to VM routes
  2. Off course you can migrate your /config to another systems, actually thats how the backup work
  3. Yes, you can used watchtower on HA Core but not on Supervised versions

Did you do a restart after the update? I sometimes see some errors in the log prior to a restart.

Yes I did .

Hello all

I am trying to move from vera plus to HA

I have been installing and configuring HA for the past 3 moths and now wanted to access remotely with the HA app on my android phone.
I could not figure out how to do it with HA core so decided to install supervised using this guide.

I am installing it on a dedicated laptop running linux mint 20.4

All is fine and i have the functionality i had with core pus the addon of duckdns. I configured duckdns when i go to restart HA in supervisor > system I cee core supervisor and host.

When i rstart supervisor i get a message saying: “You are running an unsupported installation”

what did i do incorrectly?

I thank you in advance for you help

You ignored the requirement to use Debian. Mint is unsupported.


Thank you @DavidFW1960 for responding

I did read the requirement and I googles if mint was debian. I found out that it was based upon debian. I assumed that because of this it would work. My bad it didn’t.

Is there a scripts to install ha os or supervised on linux mint within docker maybe?

Again thank you for responding so quickly

If you want to use Supervised then you must use Debian. You can use container install method on mint if you want but no addons etc then. It’s up to you.

Thank you for your reply

Hello I read about debian and it seems to complicated for me… I see many youtube videos that install home assistant OS on a raspberry PI with no issues. with Raspbian

I see that I can a native Raspbian on a PC (the on which is currently installed linux mint

would this work?

Raspberry Pi OS is not supported, only Debian 10 currently is.

See the guide for Debian on a Pi here.