Installing on NUC flashing cursor

Hey all,

Just got an intel NUC, and when i boot off of several USB drives and the SD card, i just get a flashing cursor. It’ll sit there for several minutes and do nothing. Any hints?

Further info, this is a 2016 celeron NUC with 4G of RAM and a 120G SSD… Not sure if that matters

Install Ubuntu.

Then you can run Home Assistant in one of a few ways:

  • HASSIO on Linux
  • Home Assistant in python virtual environment
  • Docker Home Assistant

Funnier yet… i installed docker on centos and am able to run the nuc image fine there… Just want to have it work the exact same as my pi which is getting slow as my database grows

Hassio image is actually RESIN-OS. It just runs docker on top of Resin-OS. There have been lots of issues with Resin on NUCs lately. My advice is to stay away from it and just run docker.

I used these instructions and it works like a charm