Insteon Entity (switches) status not shown on HA Dashboard correctly; HA 2022.5.5 on RP

Hello, I recently installed HA to replace the lost connectivity of the Insteon team as of last month. I loaded HA on a RP-4 and am very pleased, I have my system back!!!

Thank you HA and awesome people that support this code!!

However…, I have noticed that the status of switches in the dashboard does not reflect the actual status of the devices. It appears that the switch in the dashboard defaults to “off”. If I toggle it, the device will go on… then in about 7 seconds the dashboard switch goes back to the “off” position, while the device remains “on”. Similarly, to turn off the device, I must first toggle the dashboard switch on, and then "off’.

Perhaps the dashboard is only reporting the transition message, not true status. Status also does not toggle in the history in my observations!

If I force the entity status to on… it defaults to the on position (rather than the “off” position)…but does not follow the status of the hardware I/O device…

The status of entities in Alexa app is also stuck ( in the “off” position) .

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks so much…!

HA Core 2022.5.5 , HA Supervisor 2022.05.3, HA OS 8.1 on a RP-4
Insteon Hub V2
Nabu Casa enabled
Alexa enabled

In the device ALDB, check the data1 on_level attribute. I found some after porting over were set to 0.

So turning on would come on and level 0 is 0 brightness which is effectively off. So they flashed on and then off in the GUI

thanks for your suggestion !!

I checked several of my dimmable devices on_level and they were set at 255.   

My trouble includes all devices except the thermostat, most of which are not dimmable,

Using the developer tool, " Set State " to on; the history logs correctly and the dashboard lights and switches. But the actual device remains off. The device status is not making it to the dashboard and history correctly…


The above issues were resolved when I installed HA release 2022.6.0