Insteon Hub

I have one device that is an Insteon wall switch that I probably won’t get around to switching over for a while.

I probably will factory reset my Insteon Hub and just connect that one switch locally now that Insteon cloud isn’t available anymore. Just deleted my Insteon app from my iPhone (wouldn’t log in anymore) and removed the Alexa skill.

@robosledger thanks for the ray of hope! I did the factory reset while troubleshooting when the hub went down.
Google voice control is what I was really wanting to restore, but I would be happy with controlling the lights though HA.
I am very much a newbie (I don’t even know what PLM is lol)

If you have the time, would you be willing to “walk me though it”? I have an older QNAP NAS and I am checking now to see if there is anything available for it.

Many thanks!

Thanks for the info. UNFORTUNATELY I saw that AFTER troubleshooting without researching properly.
Judging by the posts on here, I may not be completely sunk.



Checkout the nginx addon for ssl

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@robosledger I have a raspberry pi 3 with Home Assistant up and running already and it is showing up in the HA app on my phone, just not sure what to do now.
Anyone that could help this newb out it would be GREATLY appreciated!


Do you still need help? I’m a noob with HA, but I can try to help best as I can.

Ok, just wondering if I need a rasberry pie to run HA or are there other options? I reset my insteon hub also, so want to proceed with caution, thx

The Raspberry PI will be the simplest way to startout, since Home Assistant is basically geared to run on it with minimal experience using Linux, VMs, or docker.

There are many other options though if you are comfortable with a more advanced setup, including options like a VM on existing Windows machine, or installing Linux on an old desktop or laptop.

YES ABSOLUTELY THANK YOU! Like I said, I got HA running on my PI 3B but have no idea what to do now…

If you’re asking how to connect the hub I was hoping to find a document, but can’t. So going from memory I’ll do the best I can. You have to add the Insteon Integration, and when you do that a box should appear asking for the hub’s IP address, username, password, and port. The port should be filled in already, I believe. I used the login info on the bottom of the hub. If you have any questions about these things, I’ll do my best. I’m a noob basically, but picked up a lot the past couple days.

I got that far…the hub is there. I have no idea how to add my switches. They are made by Insteon, they look to be dimmers. I am trying to get a picture of one. EDIT Found a link
I appreciate your help!

I used the information on this page to add my devices.

YOU ARE THE BOMB! This is EXACTLY what I needed! Thanks so much!

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You’re welcome.

Is a 2gb pi enough to run this without issues

I am fairly certain my 3B is 2GB or less and so far it runs great! Give it a shot!

Just a friendly reminder we should try to keep this thread on topic regarding the Insteon Hub and the shutdown of the cloud services.

I’m sure there are several “getting started” threads on the h/w to run HA. Open to recommendations on where to guide folks here.


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I thought I did a factory reset (disconnect power, press button while plugging in power), but instead I did a network reset (press button 3 times). Things worked after the network reset.

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I’m not certain that the device is bricked as a result of a factory reset. I was able to get my hub to discover additional Insteon switches and door sensors by first pressing the configuration button on the new switch and sensor, then pressing the small button on the back of the hub.

Initially it was thought a factory reset would be the end, but updated information showed that is not the case. I updated my post above previously Insteon Hub - #7 by mwav3

However, with the factory reset, you cannot change the name and login information of the hub, or change its network settings (like set a static IP). You should be able to reserve an IP in your router settings for the insteon device though, and it should accept that reserved IP.