Insteon Keypadlinc

I have a 6 button Keypadlinc that I have put in 8 button mode. Has anybody been successful getting the Insteon integration to see a 6 button as an 8?

I just joined this forum to ask the same question that you have. I have three 6-button KPLs that I reconfigured to 8-button using HouseLinc years ago. (BTW, I still use HouseLinc for local programming.) I have more than 70 devices installed in my house so I decided to keep my Insteon system for now and use HA for the scheduling and Alexa support. Also been busy buying “back up” devices from eBay to keep my spares closet replenished.

Update. I saw that Tom Harris posted a better way to handle this with device overides in another thread. linking here for future searches.

My Original Post
I was able to get this working by editing the insteon_devices.json file directly and modifying the devices to be 8 button. This process will require you to edit a rather confusing and large config file.

This is a list of all the insteon devices

The insteon_devices.json was located in my \config folder. You need to search for your 6 button keypad linc using its address. For example I have an older model 2486DWH6 that I configured to 8 button. Its address is 22:73:13. Search through the json to find the node for your device. It will look like:

    "address": "227313",
    "cat": 1,
    "subcat": 12,
    "firmware": 65,
    "engine_version": 2,
    "aldb_status": 1,
    "aldb": {`

You will find your device listed many times in the json file, I assume this is the file that lists all the links, so you need to ensure you are editing the line with “Address”: next to it.

You are going to edit the subcat line. My keypad was identified as Cat 1 Subcat 27. I could also see this info in the “devices” detail box in HA as 2486DWH8 (0x01, 0x1b). (1b in Hex is 27 decimal).

So I then looked up what the 8 button version of my Keypad is using the insteon device table linked at the top. I determined that the 8 button version of my Keypad link was a 2486DWH8… with a Device code of Cat 0x00 and Subcat 0x0c. That’s the hex, and converts to Cat 1 and Subcat 12.

So made a backup copy of thge json file to be safe, modifed the subcat line from 27 to 12, and voila, my device appears as an 8 button keypad.

The newer version of the KeypadLinc is a 2334-222 for the 8 button and 2334-232 for the 6 button. According to the table this translates to:

6 Button 2334-232 = Cat 0x01 Subcat 0x42   in Decimal thats Cat 1 Subcat 66
8 button 2334-222 = Cat 0x01 Subcat 0x41   in Decimal thats Cat 1 Subcat 65

I did find the newly discovered buttons were not named exactly right, so took some trial and error testing each button and renaming them correctly, but did get it working.

I am guessing this will not survive a reset or re-discover of the device, so not the best solution, but got it working for my needs.

I was able to get it working as well, here is what i did -

Requirement : INSTEON Keypad Linc - 6/8 Button.
ISY94i controller to create/manage Insteon Network

Steps to get it working (Insteon Keypad Button press driving a non-insteon Wifi Plug).

  1. Within isy994i admin console (Java Applet) - Create a insteon Scene with the KPL Button element (Button A through G) just the button you want as the responder. Name the Scene something unique, which will used in HA later.

  2. Within ISY994i console, open the new scene test the ON / OFF function., verify the LED Status on the keypad. Eg. Turing ON on the console, should cause the individual LED to go ON and vice versa.

  3. Restart the ISY994i console.

  4. Restart the HomeAssistant., or go to Settings & Device., look for ISY Integration ., click on Entities., do an update here.

  5. Verify your new Scene (Created on Step 1) is listed as a Switch (with 3dot circular icon). If so proceed to next step.

  6. Under Automations., create 2 Automations -

     a. Automation 1: Something like - If Insteon_Scene_Switch is ON., then turn device (non-insteon) 
     b. Automation 2: If Insteon_Scene_Switch is OFF., then turn device to OFF. 

This links the Insteon Key Button event to the non-insteon device.

Method worked for me., if there is a simpler option please share.