Insteon leak sensor doesn't update

I switched from an ISY994 to Home Assistant. I’m wondering if anyone is having this same issue. My Insteon leak sensors work fine when they get wet (daily heartbeat is sensed in HA, state changes in HA, triggers automations), but after drying and resetting the sensor, the dry state never registers in HA. I have tried removing the battery, going into setup mode on sensor, running the service ‘insteon.load_all_link_database’ for that device, but it still remains in wet state. I’ve tried linking the sensor as controller to PLM and as both controller/responder. The only thing that seems to work is resetting the sensor and restarting HA. All my automations involve setting a counter for the affected sensor and watching for HA restart with counter value of 1 to start repair automations. I am using Hassio 97.1 with the Insteon integration and a 2413U PLM. It seems like the leak sensor resets within the PLM database, but HA doesn’t update that information until it restarts. Not sure if I’m missing something or if there is some way to do this without a complete restart of HA. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.

Did you ever get this figured out? I am seeing the same issue with an insteon leak sensor.

[UPDATE] I figured it out. even though the device was listed in the ALDB, I still had to re-link it (long press on the sensor, then Insteon(dashboard) → ‘+’ → ok. you should see a message saying it was added)