Integrate bulb incompatible with HA via Alexa possible?

Hi, I have a cheap Magic Home Wifi bulb that I can’t get to work with HA itself but it does work with Alexa. Is there a way to tell HA to control the bulb via the Alexa integration?

The goal is to have the usual on/off and brightness controls in Lovelace, mostly. Thanks.

Short answer: No

Longer answer…

None of the commercial voice assistants allow connected services/devices to interact, or even know about, other devices/services. They want to be the centre of it all, otherwise they’re “just” a relay service of no great importance.

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I was so close! Thanks :slight_smile:

You tried working with the below?
More than likely someone got it or item using similar protocol to work in ha or at least controllable from command line

MagicHome led strips work with the flux integration in HA but this is a different thing. It’s very confusing as both apps are called Magic Home (on iOS anyway) but they’re unrelated. Thanks though.