Integrating Brel (curtain) motors in HA


Ok I’ll check with a the new update (I’m still in 2022.4.7) and give you a feedback.

Dear @starkillerOG I made a reset of my configuration now that I’m 2022.05 and everything went perfectly fine !
I don’t know if you made any changes but the mutlicast is working flawlesly and I can combine mono and bi-directional without the sensor error that I had.
Thank you very much !

Good to hear, thanks for the feedback!

Great work! Could you send me the pdf about how to connect to blinds motor to HA?


Is there a way to change the direction of the blinds motor within HA, in the Brel App it is working fine but in HA close is open and the other way around(?)

I thought you could do this in the Brel app. I never tested it though. I stopped trying because venetian blinds always tend to have a wrong open or close. If you tilt them 180 degrees they are always closed so there is always a wrong state. I use scripts and sliders zo I never see the actual open or close states of the blinds.

It would have been great if ha had a feature to toggle the states per device in the config

Hi Sygys, would you please send me the manual in pdf? Thanks!


I am very interested in your pdf, can you please send it to me? Thx for your effort

Great, can you please send me your manual? Thnx

The older Brel motors can be controlled by the RFXtrx433’s and RFX433XL BlindsT6 protocol.
The new bi-directional motors can be controlled by the RFX433XL BlindsT21 protocol.

In the Brel App the driving way is corrected properly (so open is going up and close is moving down), but I have not figured out how to change it in HA, is there a way to also have it stated correctly in HA? I would assume there is a config to edit which states open=100 and close=0 but have no idea where to find/change it

Great, can you please send me your manual? :slight_smile:

Hi, can you share the pdf? Thank you very much.

Please send me your integration, thanks.

Hi can you share me your integration? Thank you very much!

The integration is called motion blinds. It can simply be installed from within the UI

Would you happen to have the instructions in English

And is there a published api - I have my own home grown controller

Can you share the pdf?
Thank you

Good evening,

I am also working on integrating Brel motors. I am using loxone but didnot find an api yet. @sygys : could you please share the document so I can try it with HA?

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Did anyone read earlier posts? Just install the motion blinds integration and your good to go. Else the manual can be found somewhere on the brel website. If not email them they can share the document. I don’t have it anymore.