Integrating Eectrolux Pure I9 Robotic Vacuum

Ok got Limeray’s component working by adding it as a custom repo in HACS and following the guide. Seems to be working good enough for now :grinning:

Hey! I am trying the same thing but feels like i am really stuck… could you help me out how you did?

edit: Got it working now! Thanks anyways. Seems to be working fine :smiley:
Does anyone know if it’s possible to control zones? Or is it only possible to make it “start” and “stop” ?

I added this adress as as a custom repository in HACS:

After that i could follow the instructions here. For now it works but i can see if it is possible to add some more functionality to the vacuum.

Thanks for your hard work @Limeray but I did not get the integration to work. Apparently, there’s an issue with a local password not being set on the robots which is a required ingredient for getting a local integration to work.

Instead, I created my own Pure i9 integration using the same library but using only cloud commands (as opposed to local). Using a cloud integration might not be ideal but it works for me. I hope this can help other people as well:

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Thank you @nikl.ekman! Installed your version and seems to be working.

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Installed and working great! Big thanks!

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Great work. I’ve linked you repository in my original awnser and my repository.

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Coolt, tyvärr är jag sjukligt ny på detta, har du någon for dummies guide? Måste jag ha HA cloud?
Skulle vara schysst att få in den , har en 9.2


Not sure if I got the gist of the question as my Swedish isn’t that fluent.
I have my HASS running on RasPi (the HASS OS distribution) at the moment on version 10.7

  1. Install HACS

  2. Open HACS from HASS UI, go to Integrations and search for Pure i9

  3. Install Pure i9

  4. Configure

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Thanks Petri
Will try that in a while, will keep you posted on how´s it going .

It wont show up :frowning:

@Emvees_FFS what is ‘It’? i.e. which step fails?
And if it is HACS and I wasn’t clear enough, of course HACS setup needs to be done

Yes i have hacs i got it in but it seems abit simple, dunno if im doing it wrong thou.

It’s not a “default” integration in HACS. You need to add as a custom repository in HACS.

Ja jag har fått in din addon, men jag är sjukt ny på det här. En fråga Niklas, kan man se status för tex behållare full? Går det att integrera planlösningen i huset på något vis med? tänkte från Wellbeing appen. Tusen tack för du tog dig tid att svara. :ok_hand::facepunch:



Does anyone know if the same principles for this integration can be used for AEG / Electrolux washing machines and dryers?

feature request

@Emvees_FFS the dustbin status is in at least in the latest releases:

This is wierd, i had to reinstall everything and now i cant seem to intergrate the Pure i9.
I followed every step but it wont show up as an entity.
I´m on Home Assistant 2021.12.9.
I added the vaccum yaml stuff and enter my credentials there.

restarted everything

wierd any suggestions?

  - platform: purei9
    email: my login
    password: my psw