Integrating Eectrolux Pure I9 Robotic Vacuum

Has anyone looked at integrating Electrolux Pure I9 Robotic Vacuum? They have a nice app with map, scheduling, IFTTT etc. And yes, it actually clean your house :slight_smile:

Would be great to run this with presence detection within Hassio.



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It would be a really good thing :slight_smile:

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+1 - this would be amazing!

The source code is open source if that helps:

I think this is just a statement to comply with open source licenses they have used in their development but they haven’t released the final software as open source.

I managed to get this working but had to use IFTTT as an intermediary. There are events which you can send to the vacuum via IFTTT which can start or stop the vacuum, and also an event which is fired when the state of the vacuum changes. What I did was setup an input_boolean in HA and used IFTTT to send the current state of the vacuum to a webhook I setup in HA. I included the newStatus ingredient in the payload sent from IFTTT, and used that to determine the status of the boolean, true for “Cleaning” or “Returning” and false for “Sleeping”, “Charing”, “PausedCleaning”.

I setup other events in IFTTT which responded to webhooks and either started or stopped the robot depending on the event name. In my case I have a flic button which sends a ‘start_henry’ or ‘stop_henry’ event to IFTTT depending on the type of click detected. This in turn triggers a state change on the robot, which eventually keeps my boolean up-to-date.

Jump over to the Electrolux Purei9 forum and vote for this feature. If I was given the proper tools such as a documented API (local or cloud), I’d create an integration in a heartbeat.

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Done. Let’s hope they do it soon, it looks like the most requested feature. I saw someone say somewhere they were holding off on updating IFTTT because they had a larger platform overhaul in mind. Hopefully this is it.

I found a git repo interacting with the Purei9.

@nikl.ekman, can you work with this?