Integrating SRNE MPPT Inverter with HA

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That one worked.

I have SRNE inverter. Can someone guide me how to connect it with Home Assistant through ESP32 ?

Just started to add in support for these SRNE Inverters into my custom_component.
It’s limited at the moment and I’ll carry on adding to it over the next few days. Unless someone wants to look how the registers are defined in the plugin_srne and submit a PR.

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I would gladly do it if I had the time but life doesnt allow it currently :confused:

offtopic, is anyone having issues with your sensors after latest update? Most of my values have went crazy after yesterdays update…!

see this thread: Anyone else having MODBUS issues?

Does anyone have this working over the Bluetooth adapter my solar is in a shed in the back yard not able to run network cable

Hi Mattie,

I’ve purchased this waveshare RS485 to ETH adapter and have pluged in the respective cables (Ground pin 2, B- pin 7, and A+ pin 8) and setup my baud rate and port to be the same as yours and used the modbus template you provided as an example but always get the error:

“Received 0 bytes, unpack error unpack requires a buffer of 2 bytes”

I can see in the Wareshare portal that the RX and TX values are going up:

But still nothing, I have the ASF48100S200-H inverter so very similar to yours.

Any tips or help would be appreciated, here is my HA yaml, I have modbus working with my victron gear no issues there. Just need to get this inverter communicating.


  • name: SRNEInverter
    type: rtuovertcp
    port: 8888

    #Battery level percentage
    • name: Modbus_Inverter_BatteryLevel
      scan_interval: 60
      unit_of_measurement: “%”
      slave: 1
      scale: 1
      address: 256
      unique_id: 700
      input_type: holding

You should get a state on Modbus_Inverter_BatteryLevel with my config. If you copied every setting it should be fine and it sounds like your ha ip is the one showing up in the waveshare gateway? So it’s collection something?

What does your modbus config look like?

I have managed to integrate my SRNE inverter to HA using ESP32 & ESPHome addon.

Part of my yaml file is as follows.

  name: srne
  friendly_name: SRNE

  board: esp32dev
    type: arduino

# Enable Home Assistant API
    key: "+EMWnue33wLGXOUUcZdBgtEcWOJjQIPoN7E3WbVj2UA="

  password: "27a70d64573b33d2dc248577739abfa5"

  ssid: !secret wifi_ssid
  password: !secret wifi_password

 id: mod_bus
 tx_pin: 19
 rx_pin: 18
 baud_rate: 9600
 stop_bits: 1
 id: tdt1_modbus
 flow_control_pin: 4
 - id: srne1
   address: 0x01
   modbus_id: tdt1_modbus
   setup_priority: -10
   update_interval: 15000ms #data refresh rate

 - platform: modbus_controller
   modbus_controller_id: srne1
   name: "Inverter Frequency" #name for HA
   id: srne_inverter_freq #id for HA
   register_type: holding
   address: 0x0218 
   unit_of_measurement: Hz 
      - multiply: 0.01  

 - platform: modbus_controller
   modbus_controller_id: srne1
   name: "Output Priority" #name for HA
   id: srne_output_priority #id for HA
   register_type: holding
   address: 0xE204 

 - platform: modbus_controller
   modbus_controller_id: srne1
   name: "Charger Priority" #name for HA
   id: srne_charger_priority #id for HA
   register_type: holding
   address: 0xE20F 

Since E204 support read write both, how can I change the value of that registry through Home Assistant?

What I want to do is to change the Output priority UTI, SBU, SOL through HA automation.
Is this possible?

I tried the following way

  - platform: template
    name: "Output Priority Switch"
    id: output_priority_switch
      - modbus.write_register:
          id: tdt1_modbus
          address: 0xE204
          value: 1
      - modbus.write_register:
          id: tdt1_modbus
          address: 0xE204
          value: 0

But it gives me the error

switch.template: [source /config/esphome/srne.yaml:52]
platform: template
name: Output Priority Switch
id: output_priority_switch

Unable to find action with the name ‘modbus.write_register’.
id: tdt1_modbus
address: 57860
value: 1

How can I do this?
Please help

Esphome is beyond my knowledge unfortunately. I have no clue :confused:

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under the select section use this:


  • platform: modbus_controller
    modbus_controller_id: srne
    id: Output_priority
    name: ${name}_Output_priority
    address: 0xE204
    value_type: U_WORD
    icon: mdi:power
    “SOL”: 0
    “UTI”: 1
    “SBU”: 2

Hi @adambennett55

Thank you for the reply. This is how I put your code in my srne.yaml file

 - platform: modbus_controller
   modbus_controller_id: srne1
   name: "Output Prority" #name for HA
   id: srne_output_priority #id for HA
   address: 0xE204
   value_type: U_WORD
   icon: mdi:power
      “SOL”: 0
      “UTI”: 1
      “SBU”: 2

it gives me following when I try to send the code to ESP32

sensor.modbus_controller: [source /config/esphome/srne.yaml:176]
  platform: modbus_controller
  modbus_controller_id: srne1
  name: Output Priority
  ID srne_output_priority redefined! Check select->0->id.
  id: srne_output_priority
  register_type: holding
  address: 57860
  disabled_by_default: False
  force_update: False
  bitmask: 0xFFFFFFFF
  skip_updates: 0
  force_new_range: False
  response_size: 0
  value_type: U_WORD
  register_count: 0

Please help

Unrelated, but if you have any Openwrt device around and don’t want to buy the bridge:

You can install the kmod-usb-serial-ch341 and use the usb port on your device to connect to the usb port in the srne inverter, then install mbusd on openwrt and it will act as a brige for you.

I happened to have one traveler router that I didn’t use anymore, so I set it up as a wifi client, and viola, I’m getting my metrics with the configuration that @Mattie posted above.

A friend created the full esphome integration. I created a card to easily connect to it,

I actually got the Waveshare RS485 to ETH converter but I realized late that I would need to connect it to a router’s ethernet port. I use a Starlink device and I do not want to spend more money for an ethernet adapter, so I’m going the SRNE to HA through ESPHome route. Let’s see how it goes.

If it still matters you could buy a Unifi AP ac pro or another accesspoint able to wirelessly connect to a WiFi the Unifi AP then has a Ethernet port where you can plug in a waveshare gw.

This would cost more money than getting the ethernet adapter for my Starlink. If the ESP32 doesn’t work well, I’ll fall back to the Waveshare method.


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@Dimumal can you share how you connected the Inverter to the ESP32? Do you have a wire schematic buy chance?