Integrating the Huawei Solar platform (FusionSolar) Trough API

Hi Home Asisstant community.

I wonder if anyone would help me create integration for the Huawei PV system?
I know all about the inverters and API accounts for retrieving data so if you would like to help me code the integration please feel free.

The Huawei API also lets you do all kinda of things that most other systems dont like control the PV plant like battery charge/discharge, output limitations, ect. I know the API but not how to code the integration.

If you know how to program integrations for Home Assistant, and know how to do API’s this should be very easy.

You call a adress with login and then get a token.
With this token you then ping what you want and get the values.

I have done all the API in postman but need help doing it in Home Assistant.
Wanna be my partner in crime and make a awesome integration?

Kind regards
Jesper E

Hi Jesper,

I’m not really who you are looking for but I plan to solve it by using MQTT and NodeRed. I get SMHI weather info as sensors this way today. SMHI-NodeRed-HomeAssistant

How did you get an API account for the Huavei PV System?


GitHub - wlcrs/huawei_solar: Home Assistant integration for Huawei Solar inverters via ModbusTCP did you look at it? and this thread Integration Solar inverter huawei 2000L - #1692 by gohigher14

@JesperE I think I have made what you were planning to: GitHub - tijsverkoyen/HomeAssistant-FusionSolar: Integrate FusionSolar into your Home Assistant.

How did you get an API account for the Huavei PV System?
i have sent a email at HUAWEI but no body answer me…
I have need API 4 the integration FusionSolar

Try this

Attention @furiess, it’s an older document. the ‘getStationList’ is not working anymore. You should use ‘Stations’ and add the parameter PageNo. Otherwise you get a 401 error.

With Thijs his plugin, I am still missing a lot of entities in Home Assistant.
I assume that my reseller didn’t set the rights correctly.
(update: I let them change the permissions and now I can see 120 entities. So I am good to go!)