Integrating Tuya-powered Sous Vide machines (mzj category): Inkbird ISV-200W

Subj an extremely useful kitchen appliance that has potential to be integrated with HA via Tuya. It would be great to be able to read its sensors (time remaining + temperature), and full control would be just awesome.
Device info from Tuya v2 log (as per new device request template on github):

"active_time": 1637194452,
"biz_type": 0,
"category": "mzj",
"create_time": 1629615339,
"icon": "smart/icon/1557470235chhak9ddel5_0.png",
"id": "25087437f4cfa2ddd1e4",
"ip": "</strong> <em>",
"lat": "</em> <strong>",
"local_key": "</strong> <em>",
"lon": "</em> <strong>",
"model": "",
"name": "Sous Vide",
"online": false,
"owner_id": "55126974",
"product_id": "iPiqkMPG2lOUtpqB",
"product_name": "Sous Vide",
"status": [],
"sub": false,
"time_zone": "+07:00",
"uid": "</strong>*",
"update_time": 1637197955,
"uuid": "25087437f4cfa2ddd1e4"

Device specifications:

2021-11-18 18:11:28 DEBUG (SyncWorker_6) [tuya_iot] Request: method = GET, url =, params = None, body = None, t = 1637233888628`

Created based on this feature request:


Here’s youtube channel with info about Sous Vide:

I have a Kogan KASMSVDC13A which the Tuya integration sees but is unsupported, so I’d be happy if Sous Vides in general could be added

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Same here. If I understand it correctly, adding support for Tuya Sous vide cooker category ("category": "mzj") should cover the entire class, including both of our machines. Let’s hope developers see this.
In the meantime, feel free to dig up and post device info and specifications from your HA log. Add the following line to configuration.yaml…

    custom_components.tuya_v2: debug

…and search for two blocks of code above in the log:
Detailed template and instructions can be found here

I’d be happy to add the device information, but I’m not having much sucess. Did you have any issues getting the tuya debug information out? I can see debug information from other components, but nothing from tuya. I simply open up the homeasistant.log file, but nothing from tuya or iot there. In my config I have the following:

  default: warning
    custom_components.irrigation_unlimited: debug
    custom_components.powercalc: debug
    custom_components.tuya_v2: debug

I also put in custom_component.tuya: debug as well, just in case, but no joy.

But you do still have Sous Vide in device list, right? And sorry for asking, but is it plugged? Another thing to try is too switch the entire log to debug briefly:

   default: debug

…find tuya/sous vide stuff, and then switch back to warning/error or remove logger code block.


Gosh that prduces a big file :slight_smile: But thanks for the idea and here is my contribution for sous vide device data:

      "active_time": 1637278418,
      "biz_type": 18,
      "category": "mzj",
      "create_time": 1637276422,
      "icon": "smart/icon/ay1529490557486Rz8BL/15614298450018d08e946.jpg",
      "id": "186510413c6105cbcf77",
      "ip": "***",
      "lat": "***",
      "local_key": "***",
      "lon": "***",
      "model": "KASMSVDC13A",
      "name": " Sous Vide",
      "online": true,
      "owner_id": "46208002",
      "product_id": "Kj07pTFP31ATT1in",
      "product_name": " Sous Vide",
      "status": [],
      "sub": false,
      "time_zone": "+12:00",
      "uid": "***",
      "update_time": 1637632392,
      "uuid": "186510413c6105cbcf77"
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Cheers! Can’t wait to remove Tuya Smart app from my phone :wink:

Would look forward to this being added my ISV-100W so far is the only thing tuya based that I can’t use in HA


In case this is of use to anyone adding this feature, Tuya’s documentation for the mzj category of devices can be found here.

I’ve been doing all my automation using node-red lately, not homeassistant, but I’m hoping that if y’all get support for this device going that it will help efforts to get it working with MQTT.

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So I just got a ISV-200W and had a go at integrating it into HA using LocalTuya.

Not sure what I was expecting, but it’s actually not super-exciting data…

Other than a couple of times when I topped up the water, the temp pretty much stays constant.
I didn’t have much luck using LocalTuya to change any of the settings, but didn’t spend much time troubleshooting it.
For those interested these are the DP values that I found out…

101 On / Off
102 Activity - (working / stopping etc)
103 Target Temp (x10 - ie 68.5C = 685)
104 Current Water Temp (x10)
105 Time Set (minutes)
106 Time Remaining (minutes)
108 Celsius = True / Fahrenheit = False
110 Temp Calibration (x10)

I didn’t work out 107 and 109 - but my suspicion is that they’re the cloud recipes, which I don’t really see a use for.

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I’d love to start, stop and set time/temp like with a thermostat control. Anyone got that working?

has anyone had any luck being able to update settings?

101 switch - works
102 sensor - works
103 number 0-960 -  doesn't update just resets to 0
104 sensor - works
105 number 0-5999 -  doesn't update just resets to 0
106 sensor - works
108 switch on=C off=F- works
110 number -100-100 -  doesn't update just resets to 0

how did you find the local key?

If I remember correctly you need to configure the ink bird via the Tuya app, which allows you to retrieve the local key

I guess but I can’t find anything that can fit the roner on smart life app. Any suggestions?

Hi. Yes first you add the Sous Vide to the regular Tuya app on your phone, and then you can use tuya-cli to get the local key for use in HA

You can see “souls vide” under kitchen electronics” in the Tuya app (sottovuoto in Italian, as it’s in the screenshot).

Don’t use smartlife but Tuya smart

GRAZIE! Non l’avevo visto.
Cosa differisce Tuya Smart da Smart Life?

FWIW, I can confirm the ISV-100W model is working under Tuya Local (NOT localtuya!) This integration may work for the 200W; but if not, add a feature request with the right info (go to github, go to issues, create an issue and the instructions are in the template for the request.)

this isn’t in HACS atm, but you can install it as a custom repository and then you integrate it basically the same way localtuya goes (create a Tuya IOT account, get the device ID & local key, etc). But once that’s done, this is a LOCAL integration!