/Integration: Demo/ How to make it possible on your site? Example https://demo.home-assistant.io/

Integration: Demo

Hello dear participants!
Please take the time to help implement Integration: Demo

How to make a DEMO USER? A user who has limited functionality and when entering the site saw a limited version, how is it done in https://demo.home-assistant.io/ without authorization?

My actions:

How can I make it so that when opening demo.domain.com demo, the user sees test fixtures and switches, and does not display the authorization panel in Home Assistant?

Please help me step by step how to do it.
Thanks in advance for those who know and take the time.

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Hello, did we have the same configuraion as Home Assistant Demo ?


I am also very interested in this.
Tell us how we can make it happen!

Maybe this is something?

Hello, how can i import a demo config to my VirtualBox HOAS 10.3 system?


Hello, how can i import a demo config to my Qemu KVM HOAS 10.3 system?

What is the fastest way?

I’m use Home Assistant OS

Did you have input for me?

Hello, how can i transfer the demo site Home Assistant Demo to my Home Assistant OS 10.4 system?