Integration of Polestar 2

Dear Developers,

i would be very happy to see the actual polestar 2 status in HomeAssistant, like Battery Status, Doors, Windows, maybe actual location and so on.
Somebody able to do so ?

Updated on May 30 2022
As a current owner of a Polestar 2 I would like this to be implemented.
Any developers out there who can assist in development.
I used to own a Skoda getting some data from connectedcars - anything similar for Polestar (or Volvo/Geely)?

I am currently looking at my options for an electric car through my company’s car scheme with the Polestar 2 being at the top of my list by a long way. The only thing that is holding me back is Home Assistant integration.

I know Volvo On Call has a Home Assistant integration so I’m hoping the backend of Polestar and Volvo systems aren’t so dissimilar although looking at the Polestar app vs what’s available via Volvo On-Call I’m not so sure…

I could get either a Volvo XC40 or C40 but that would mean compromising on the range by up to 20%

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TLDR: There will be an integration, eventually.

I picked up my P2 a couple of days ago and are already frustrated that there is no integration for HA.

So with work being slow these days I started a man-in-the-middle attack to see how the app communicates with the cloud. Unfortunately I only have an Android phone so I couldn’t get any information as Android blocks all external certificates.

I’ll see if I can dig up an iPhone and investigate the traffic on that. When the API have been exposed I’m positive that we could have an integration ready in a couple of days.

If someone with an iPhone would like to help (it might involve some “hacking”) it would be highly appreciated.


I’ve placed my order today with my companies leasing company. Need to wait and see what the lead time will be for delivery so will be keeping myself apprised of your progress.



I have an iPhone and I’d love to work on this.

Couple of caveats:

  • I am not a developer but developer adjacent
  • My car is an XC40 Recharge, same software but different flavour

Let me know next steps?

Doesn’t Volvo connect work on your xc40?

I have an XC40 Recharge Pure Electric, they run on Android Automotive like the Polestars do. It does not work with Volvo On Call.

Although Polestars get a little more functionality than Volvos at the moment eg. Drive with phone as key, more apps available

The fully electric Volvos do not use Volvo On Call. They are on Android Automotive, just like the Polestars, although features and app availability differ slightly. Both are actively being improved with regular updates. I believe even new ICE Volvos are moving to Android Automotive.

So I got MITM setup, lots of GET requests to Google Analytics with relevant parameters like:

  • BatteryChargeStatus
  • GetBatteryChargeTimer
  • ClosureStatus

And a few more for locks, location, air… but I cannot see any responses, nor requests besides the GA ones.

There are some requests/responses to a Volvo Cars API but these do not look relevant to what we are after.

Any ideas?

That sounds really interesting, strange to send and request data from Google Analytics as that is more of a analysis platform (I’ve been managing the Google Analytics for a few years ago).

Send me all findings as a pm and I’ll see if I can create a custom sensor platform as a start.

I suspect the GA requests are just for their own analysis of feature usage and not the actual request/response for actions by the user. I have also worked a bit with GA but mostly my product expertise are in Google ad tech.

I just remembered that I did see one request to a Google API before MITM crashed and I lost it. That call was not made each time I interacted with the app though, it might have been an initial authentication. I’ll try to get that to come up again before I put some data together for you in a PM.

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Ans Update here ?
I‘ve received my polestar yesterday and really like to see something in my Home Assistant.
If i can help somehow, just tell me what i can do

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My Polestar arrives tomorrow. I think a Home Assistant add-in would be brilliant as it appears there are lots of available datapoints going to the Polestar app, plus of course control options back to the car.

Automation 1: If outside air temp below 8 degrees C, and time after 6:00am and before 7:00 am warm up drivers seat and turn on heating to 21 degrees.

Then step into a warm car on the morning commute at 6:30

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I’m all in on Home Assistant and I have 32,000 km on my Polestar. Needless to say I can’t wait for an integration.

Afraid I can’t help much with the development though. Keeping an eye on this thread.

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I would love an integration for the Polestar App.
The need is growing indeed.

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Same here, Polestar 2 on order and will be delivered Q4.
Really like to run an integration in HA.
Once arrived, I might help with iPhone and analysis.

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We’ve had our P2 for 5 months. I thought I had figured out a way to track the car’s presence with UniFi, but it turned out the random MAC I was seeing was my partner’s Apple Watch with privacy turned on.

The car really really does not like to connect to WiFi, and I think it might also profile dependent, so when you lock the car, I don’t think it even tries to establish a WiFi connection at all. This is just to be able to track its presence in my case.

It would be great if we could pull information into HA. These days you even get parking location in the Polestar app, so that could be used to detect if the car is at home.

I bought an Emporia EVSE that does the charging automations I wanted. You can add a $30 dongle that talks to the meter over Zigbee (in supported markets) and with it you can do things like charge using excess Solar energy, or track TOU rates automatically and charge when it’s cheaper. Someone made an Emporia integration that would allow other controls via HA.

I can pull the actual charging rate, status and total kWh consumed from the EVSE, so I have a dashboard that can show all that data. Seeing the battery level would be a nice addition.

I have this going in my HA, but still missing the car’s current battery level.

Has anyone had a chance to do more sniffing?


Did you ever get any joy with this?

My Polestar order is theoretically arriving in February but with how things are, no idea if it will get delayed again.