Integration returns states that can't be controlled by HA ?


I’m facing a very boring problem with HA that has decided not to handle properly buttons. For me, programming home automation systems since years (AMX, Crestron and others), all other systems on marked handle a button properly with a PUSH and RELEASE (for physical action on button) and an ON/OFF state (for state display on button).
For a very strange reason HA doesn’t handle button like that with only PUSH.
Now I discover that Lutron Integration is able to send back push/release when buttons are pressed in Lutron systems but I can’t control these release states. What the heck ?? It prevents to control properly the device for dimming (like I hold the button + till light reach level I want). Why is it impossible in HA ? It’s very boring and very unergonomic.
Any ideas if there is a way to go around that HA limitation ?



Press and release are events, not states.

These events are generated by the hardware, you don’t control them other than by pressing and releasing a physical button.

I use the following :

platform: template
        value_template: > 
          {% if is_state('switch.test','on') %}
          {% endif %}

So the template will turn the switch off when you turn it on. Since the value template will not trigger the switch when it turns off , you have a momentary switch that will only trigger on, and then will turn itself off

@tom_l yep but I should be able to simulate them to control the device like most other home automations systems do (because right now the way it’s implemented in HA prevents me to control properly the light system interfaced with it :frowning:
@lonebaggie thanks but I would need the same for push/release but it doesn’t exist :frowning:

There is a button push service. There is no button hold or release service. If you want these you should open a feature request.

I opened a similar request (for dashboard cards, not services) a couple of years ago.

It has seen little interest despite many people wanting to be able to push and hold button cards to dim/brighten lights or change a media player’s volume.