Integration with 3rd party dimmers

Hello Home Assistant experts,

I’d like to pickup your brain with something.

I have integrated my Control4 systems with HA, I can interact with the dimmers, that portion works well.

The way I’m using it, each dimmer is assigned to an input_number, Node-red is used to send the command to Control4 with the C4Soap interface.

I’m using Node-red as well to report the dimmer status to the input number.

I’m polling every 10 sec the dimmer, extracting the value, wait for 5 sec and send the new value to the input_number.

To catch the setting from HA interface, I’m using an event state node to send the new value to Control4.

I have the following problem, if someone hits the dimmer, sometimes, Node-red is changing back the dimmer to the value it used to be.

Basically, I would need to update the input_number, just for the user interface, to give the right feedback to the user, without triggering the event state.

Is there any better way to do this ?



I know of this, and there are other threads if you search control4 in the forum

Hi Nickrout,

Yes, I know that integration exists but I can’t go there. But the question was not toward Control4.

That would be valid to any other 3rd party integration.

This is more around the input_numbers, how do we use them to pilot external devices ?

As an example, I can use the mqtt light implementation, where there is a topic for the device state and one for the commands.

In the case of the input_number, there is only a value property, which is update from the UI or from the value read on the device itself.

So to summarize my problem, I’m using Node-Red as automation tool.

I have one flow to read the state of the device and update the input_number, to give some feedback to the user.

If the user adjust the slider, the device is receiving the command, but the other flow is taking over and is reverting the change, so I guess there is a better way to do that, any suggestion ?