Integration with Dooya Connector Hub for controlling blinds

I have several blinds that all use the Dooya Connector Hub DD7002B. Has anyone figured out a way to integrate this in to HA? I have not been able to find anything on the web or in any of the forums yet on this hub. It does support Alexa (which i have working) and IFTT so maybe there’s a way to integrate through one of those.

Did you get it to work?

I found this:

Thanks for the advice. I was able to get to the About screen in the Connector App but can not locate the key. Touching the icon doesn’t do anything in the Connector App. Any ideas?

No idea, don’t have the connector. Was just thinking of buying it :slight_smile:

Have you tried tapping the icon 5 times?

That worked, you’re a genius.

Glad to help :slight_smile:

One more question if anyone has solved this. My connector has a dynamic IP address so every power outage or reboot of the router it gets assigned a new IP address. It looks like when configuring Motion Blinds I have to tell it the IP address of the gateway. Has anyone solved this? I don’t see any options in the Connector App to assign a static IP address.

Dooya Connector bridge can be integrated using the Motion Blinds integration: Motion Blinds - Home Assistant.
As of the next HomeAssistant release 2022.05 the Motion Blinds integration will support DHCP discovery of the connector bridge, it schould therefore automatically update the IP adress if it changes (not test yet since I don’t own a DD7002B bridge).

@gillman99 please set a static IP address for the connector bridge in the setting of your WiFi router, that will prevent any problems.
If the IP does change and the DHCP does not update it automatically (HA 2022.05) you can manually run the setup of the integration again withouth removing the original configuration and fill in the new IP, it will then update the IP setting of the original configuration (maintains names etc). This is possible since HA 2022.04 release.

@gillman99 so tapping the user icon 5x shows the key for the connector app?
Was this on iOS or on android?
Are you able to test key retrieval on both iOS and Android, then I can update the instructions.

I wrote and maintain the Motion Blinds integration.
Please let me know if there are any problems/issues with the Motion Blinds integration (in combination with the DD7002B).
And if you appreciate my work please consider sponsoring my project: GitHub - starkillerOG/motion-blinds: Python library for interfacing with Motion Blinds

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Hi everyone, in my new home the architects installed a Dooya DC114S WiFi receivers to connect it to my blind motor so I can continue using the wall switch. I have it configured with the app “connector” and linked to my Alexa with the skill “connector”.

I’m not able to connect it to my home assistant even with the Dooya integration. I have the API key and the IP address of the device but my HA recognise it like a “bridge” and not like a blind.

What could I do?

Many thanks!

Hi All,
I’ve been told that the Dooya DD7002B is being replaced by the DD7006. Does anyone know if this is correct?

Perhaps a long shot but haven’t been able to buy a Dooya bridge to replace a broken one. Anyone had any luck or know about another brand/bridge that would be compatible?

look into Bond Bridge. I still have my DD7002B but in my research before buying it, i noted the Bond Bridge as a possible. The problem with Dooya blinds is they’re rolling code so not it’s not really clear with wifi/rf bridge works (e.g. broadlink, aliepress cheapies all fail)