Integration with Nedis

It would be great if we can get this integration? It is available in google home.
I have read that one can use tuya, but why go that way when nedis directly works fine?

WTF is nedis? Yes I did google, got a site that sells mousepads and other consumer stuff, a random sample of which were not smart.

@nickrout so sorry fro late reply, I dont think I got an email notfication.

But this is nedis smartlife: Nedis | Your wholesaler of consumer electronics
There are others talking about this: Nedis Smartlife WiFi Smart Plug (WIFIP130FWT) not compatible?

But it might just be Tuya I assume?

Nedis is a European Manufacturer that produces a lot Smart products like air conditioners dehumidfier heaters, etc. The world isnt only the end of the world aka New Zealand

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Hello, if you pair your nedis stuff with tuya app and then go either localTuya or Tuya integration, it will work. Nedis is just rebranded Tuya.

(is it the Smart life app, right?)


Rude. I think Google works the same here as anywhere.

Anyway, buying Tuya is the real mistake.

Honestly, yes some of their products are in the cheap-end , but alot is just as reliable as any.
Dutch Company ( Not that this qualifies quality ) , but certainly have to follow EU standards etc.

Google ( maybe it’s just your Google which have been compromised with the common devastating one-mind-data-collection-selection responses ) :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: Some of them even reveals an ESP8266 chip , if that’s your gig

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