Integration with Span?

Thanks. I will dig into it. Electrical is being ran between the two buildings so if I need another wire for something like this functionality, I want to make sure it’s included.

There is a network (low voltage) run required between panels - make sure when they’re pulling electrical that you make arrangements for the low voltage pulls at the same time (cat5/6/7 - as appropriate)

Is there any docs I can reference here?

Overwhelming amount of back story here.

… is it yet possible to make the integration reliable/not constantly needing to open/close the door 3 times?

Yes, you can use durable authentication with a token. Talked about above and in the readme file of the integration.

It’s just a bit of JSON and saving it back to HA. You see this option when you install the integration, just delete and reinstall. It’s been rock solid for me.

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There are installation docs on the Span site if you dig enough. The Ethernet port is on the upper portion, left of the main lugs along with RS485 and an aux port.

See installation manual.

Edit: Just found this information nugget on the Span site, all main install manuals on one page for anyone interested.

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So there’s a reason that remote meter kit won’t work for you?

Hey Matthew, spot on…the closer to the source of the data and the more precise the measurements the better the picture.

Some have observed that the Grid provider data does not correlate well to SPAN historical data and users have had to use Left Riemann Sum to correlate to the utility/grid. Really a function of data warehousing in the end. I used this method as well, thanks to comments by @NathanCu to confirm my own data so I could then be more confident in what SPAN is providing and HA is displaying.

Truly, SPAN’s input is invaluable so thank you for your comments!

And in that spirit would love to hear what you might have to say about this particular issue if you care to ask around and comment/expound within that issue on the particular modes that are implied by the API that would be awesome! We will figure it out but would be great to cut to the chase if you have/can get insight. Muddling along in the meantime…

@Obioban, Yes it is. See my explanation at the end of this issue.

It does seem simple but that’s because I’m ignorant of the SPAN inter-workings…

My use case does not involve a whole house battery. But the feature SPAN uses for load shedding in installations like mine where I can’t exceed the utility service rating seems like a sort of natural solution for any battery application.

In my case if the power consumption of the house goes above a certain level the SPAN app let’s us identify circuits to shed in order to avoid exceeding the utility service rating. In your case if the grid goes to zero, again the panel sheds load.

SPAN knows the grid power, they know if you are an “island”, and this data apparently is visible via the API underlying the integration. Given the features they have it’s a bit of a mystery why they can’t support any battery for the shedding use case like they do for capping grid usage. Hard to believe it’s much of a stretch.

So, this afternoon I followed your instructions, got the accessToken, set up the span integration again from scratch using that instead of 3 door openings…

… and it just failed again, and is asking me to 3 door the panel.


What is the version of the SPAN integration you’re running? Can you confirm the repository as well. Anything in the logs?

Span v0.0.8

No logbook events found.

… I have to admit, I don’t know how to confirm repository? When I click the “…” and then repository, it takes me to “GitHub - gdgib/span: SPAN Integration for HomeAssistant/HACS”, if that’s what you mean.

@Obioban My full comments said that 0.0.8 has a bug that takes it offline in the event of a network fault, update, etc.

Yes there was a bug in the integration that I fixed. It’s not been released via gdgid yet but you can find the fix in this custom repo for now

Instructions for adding a custom repository can be found here.

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Ah, excellent!

Any idea when the standard repo is getting updated? All else equal, I’d rather stay on the beaten path.

I’m for staying on the beaten path as well that’s why I push my changes upstream. I did add a comment to the issue on the default upstream repository (gdgib) about creating a new release but the owner must create the release or someone with those permissions. I don’t know if gdgib abandoned his fork but if so we can change the default in HACS.

@AngellusMortis mentioned porting this integration to HA core, which is a level of effort and in the end would still need developer support. I’m willing to help in said effort but there needs to be enough developer support and right now the SPAN user base is relatively small and the developer base even smaller.

In the meantime I’ll continue to add features in my repository and push them upstream as needed but I can’t control releases there.

I discussed the repository issue with @AngellusMortis and we agreed it would be best to move the repository to a GitHub organization and invite those developers who have made fixes in the past to the org with enough permissions so it’s not reliant on a single individual.

I transferred my current repository to We will work on changing the default HACS repository.

My previous repository link forwards to that location and those that have installed it as a custom repository can update as usual.

The most current released today (0.0.11) has the panel/grid status, DSM status, and panel current run config sensors which covers the feature @deliverer33 and others requested.