Integration xbox/xbox live dead


in November, I received my rapspi 8GB and my SD card.
then I began my first installation of HA.
that is when I did my Xbox integration directly before knowing what YAML was…
everything worked well in my opinion, even if it was missing some thing like the mediaplayer and the remote control.
I could see the sensor and binary sensor of the two account on the Xbox.
I made some automation for ciné mode when we lunch Netflix on the Xbox and when we close it.

I updated my installation this charismas and every thing was fine

I had fun with duckdns and made the remote access work and everything was fine

BUT, when I updated to the new release the 17 January everything became unavailable.
I tried to reload the integration. delete and reinstall. manual configuration of Xbox in configuration file fail.
I tried the Xbox Live integration with xapi, but that just tell me if I am online or not.

I found some thing for controlling with Xbox SmartGlass but that do not help me see what is on the Xbox.

I found a tempory fix