Intel-Nuc help needed :)


Hi everybody, i’m really lost and need your help :slight_smile:

I have been running for around 1 month, and is starting to understand how to use it, and got a great structure with inspiration from @frenck

I have been running this setup:
1 x RPI3b+: Main running everything exepts whats running on the server.hassio
1 x RPI3b+: Server hass, running influxdb, motioneye, grafana and pihole. (To free up memory and cpu for main hassio)

Now i brought a Intel-Nuc8i3BEK with 4gb ram and 120gb ssd, and i want to run everything on that exept i want to keep an RPI running pihole.

But im looking at my plugged in NUC right now, and i dont know how i put the image on the ssd and get started? (I dont have mouse and keyboard)…

I have read the install documentation, and watched some videos… But im totally lost :smiley:


I would recommend you install your choice of linux. I use ubuntu but it shoudn’t matter. And then run Hassio in docker. That way you can still use the NUC for other things in the future. But you will need a mouse and keyboard for the install. Is there no way you can borrow it from an other system?

PS why don’t you want to move over pi-hole too?


If its possible i would prefer only to run like on the pi if possible? (I dont know where i could find mouse and keyboard)

  • How can i install linux if its the only way? And if i need a operation system i would prefer windows, if it could work… (Ohhh god im lost) :smiley:

Because with all the restarts i breaks my streaming of tv :stuck_out_tongue: But maybe when i dont work alot on the system in the future it will change :slight_smile:


These instructions seem to do what you want.


I documented my NUC imaging process here:

My steps to success for on Intel NUC

Those instructions are now well out of date. :frowning:


Number 5 of the instruction is out of date, but the rest is still the same as far as I know. Or am i wrong?


My experience: Need NUC advice (migrating from Pi3B

  1. Make sure your NUC bios is up to date
  2. use etcher to burn the HASSOS for NUC image to the HDD/SSD
  3. Plug the drive in and fire it up…


I have flashed proxmox and is trying to see if it’s a solution :see_no_evil::grimacing:


a mouse/keyboard is like $5 at the local supermarket… you really need one of those… will save a lot of grief with setup and in the future.

Even to update the BIOS, it’s pretty much impossible without a keyboard. Setup for BIOS likewise. You lash out and get an i3 NUC but 4gb RAM and 120gb hdd??? I guess funds are an issue?


I went out buying one. I have installed proxmox as base. And strugling to install hass now :open_mouth:


Nope, my instructions are no longer valid. There is no USB installer image for the NUC as yet. You have to image the whole SSD with the image or do that through a Linux live distro.


Why? What made you pick that instead of Ubuntu or Debian?


Latest video from @DrZzs convinced me. And with this its super easy.

  1. Proxmox (Flash, operation system)
  3. Enjoy life :smiley:


Have a NUC running with Proxmox here as well. Works great. Have a VM running with Ubuntu on which I have installed Super easy for having multiple VMs, making snapshots etc.

Thanks, will have a look at that.


So not struggling then?


Life is always a little struggle right? :see_no_evil:
It’s to early to say, but it is looking promising right now.


FYI - for that price you can get a more powerful NUC on Ebay.
BTW - I’d recommend staying with the Nortec.


I’m running Hassio on a NUC as well. I installed Windows 10 pro, containing teamviewer (for remote access), a cloudservice and Virtualbox.

On virtualbox I’m running hassio with the VDI installation file that’s provided on the hassio installation page.

I’m happy with this setup because it’s easy to make backups (just clone the VM and put it in the cloud storage), it’s very fast and it’s easy to install.