Intel-Nuc help needed :)

Life is always a little struggle right? :see_no_evil:
It’s to early to say, but it is looking promising right now.

FYI - for that price you can get a more powerful NUC on Ebay.
BTW - I’d recommend staying with the Nortec.

I’m running Hassio on a NUC as well. I installed Windows 10 pro, containing teamviewer (for remote access), a cloudservice and Virtualbox.

On virtualbox I’m running hassio with the VDI installation file that’s provided on the hassio installation page.

I’m happy with this setup because it’s easy to make backups (just clone the VM and put it in the cloud storage), it’s very fast and it’s easy to install.

Can anybody give me full manual how install Home Assistant on INTEL NUC ? And how i can create backup or backup as image SSD disk…

Intel NUC DN2820FYKH Will be ok for Home Assistant with 120GB SSD and 4GB RAM ?

I simply flashed the NUC image to the SSD with Etcher

But image hassio for NUC?

and @pepeEL i succeded by burning the image with etcher to my m2.ssd via a m2 usb dongle and now im in love with my NUC :slight_smile: Bluetooth is working :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Link to the guide i followed: Can't install from USB on NUC?

Now i need install on SSD by USB and then run it on rpi3+ or new rpi4. But Hassio not support boot from USB.

If you have a nuc you have to take out ssd and mount it in a USB adapter, and then via Etcher burn the image to the ssd like you do with the RPI

Anyone having issues with an error of:

IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlp2s0: link is not ready

I have updated the BIOS on my NUC6CAYH and have burned the image of HASSIO NUC 2.12 onto my SSD. I have retried this several times, but I can never get past this error no matter how long I wait. The NUC is connected via ethernet and appears on my network. Any ideas?

I have read that this is possible if you use the generic Linux install of HassIO rather than HassOS

Here is a tutorial for you :slight_smile:

Hi, Did you ever solve this ? in the same position.

So you’re getting the image with HassOS, Supervisor, and Core? Or are you installing on Debian/Ubuntu?

installed via:

With the Intel Nuc image. In the meantime got in the portal, only console is still showing

IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlp2s0: link is not ready

Now i know i can get in, does not bother me anymore if it is not an issue.

Personally, I used this (installed back in October or so), and have had great success.

Realize everyone has their own personal flavor / preference.

Yah, I use something similar to that but with debian.

what do you mean ‘console’? Do you have a monitor plugged into your nuc?

Anyways, if you have a monitor plugged it, it will never load and only show a console.

Correct it was when I connected the monitor. It looks like it is the wifi adapter which I do not use anyway. Working fine for now