Internal and External URL

I would like to use in apk on android external URL for connecting outside the local network and internal URL when I’m in local.
I added the link but that local URL has invalid ssl certyficate ( I know that certificate was creating for Using broswer is simple I need to agreed on this connection ( in apk i
it is impossible).

So, my question is how to change internal url from https://my.ip to http://my.ip ?

Thank you in advance.


Did you solve this issue?
I have the same thing from my android app. whenever I’m connected to the wifi the app doesn’t work. only from outside the LAN

Should be helpful here

Nothing yet? I am having an internet outage today and am trying to change the url to local, but the app just opens blank. Anyway to change the URL and also get past SSL check?

You can change the URL in settings when the pop-up shows up.

Bypassing SSL is not allowed, needs to be a valid SSL cert

Is there a way to get this settings screen to pop up to make changes? I only seem to get it when I switch to airplane mode to force a broken connection.

It’s called app configuration or companion app under configuration

@dshokouhi Thank you, I had looked and looked and completely missed it! In part it was because I could find few references to that settings page and never the explanation of what was required to get to it.

As the HA admin, it’s a bit tucked away:

When accessing HA through the Android Companion app I selected the Configuration tab from the side menu.

Because I was in the app it showed up, near the bottom of the list, called Companion App with a little phone-and-cog icon in a purple circle.

I had been long-pressing the app on my homescreen and looking through the phone’s app settings, instead of in the right place.

As the general user role:
At the bottom of the side menu there’s a button called App Configuration which replaces the Developer Tools and Configuration menu items.