Introducing Home Assistant Cloud


The UI before 0.80 was not showing the correct information. The correct information can be found by upgrading Home Assistant or navigating to


Looks like we had a race condition between expired subscriptions being disconnected and payments being processed and subscriptions being extended. This caused users to be incorrectly disconnected. We’re working on a fix.

For now, logging out and logging back in and you’re up and running again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Problem is that there is no “Home Assistant Cloud” in my Configuration page (0.80)!


That will only show up if you enabled the component.


My mistake: Cloud integration was not activated on my system running 0.80 release. Done and ok.

But for my system running 0.75.2 (which does not want to upgrade to 0.80), this is where I see that after subscribed today for 1 months, the system tells me that my subscription expires in 3 days from now.

By the way, my HA was installed using Dietpi. And my upgrades are giving me trouble. Anyone around who would have faced the same difficulty, and overcome it? May not be the right thread but guidance or redirection would be appreciated. Otherwise, not choice but to uninstall and re-install :sleepy::tired_face:


If it shows 3 days, it means PayPal hasn’t charged you yet or hasn’t told us yet that they did. We’re going to fix it to make more sense. However we won’t be able to update the UI in old Home Assistant releases.


Paypal has charged me.


Country specific pricing please! Purchasing power parity is a thing, you know. My only other subscription (Google Play music) costs about a buck a month here.

This will help get more people to sign up. 5 dollars a month adjusted for PPP (IN) works out to around 1 dollar.

Here’s a list of PPP factors as of 2017 to help with the calculations.


I am subscribed to Home Assistant Cloud via PayPal, but my subscription expired at 9:00 this morning. (I am in an Asian timezone)
Nabu Casa hasn’t charged my PayPal yet and thus I am disconnected and unable to access Google Home.

I wonder if the expiration time in Home Assistant is in sync with the time that the payment processing occurs in Nabu Casa?


Hey there! any news on remote access via HA cloud?


I think it’s on their Wishlist still.
The podcast episode made it sound like they have the idea but nothing immediate