Introducing the Home Assistant Creator Network!

Hey Everyone! Today we are announcing our new program called the Home Assistant Creator Network! We are super excited to start talking closely with creators to ensure everyone has the best information possible. We are looking to invest in our community and support the effort being put into keeping our users informed. This is a way for Home Assistant to reward these creators that are positively engaging with our users.

First Members of the Creator Network!

What is the Creator Network?

The creator network will be a group of creators that are active and engaged with our community with consistent content that builds the archive for Home Assistant. These creators are creating content for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. with the goal of helping people use Home Assistant. This can be through tutorials, unbiased product reviews, creating cool stuff and more.

We are looking forward to growing this network to be a group of creators that work together with each other and the Home Assistant Developers. One of the biggest ways we are doing that is monthly calls with the network to discuss releases and upcoming changes.

Visit the Home Assistant Creators Network for more information and how to apply.

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I love this! Super excited to see future plans with this program.

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The underneath meritocracy is great. Will love to see the extra added value os such diferenciation :blush:

Hello !
Really good idea !
Could you add website/blog as platform ?


My friend, don’t hold your breath waiting for anything.

This project looks like to me it is in snooze mode.

Interested to know why you say that.

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The creator program or home assistant as a whole?

+1 ! Very surprised and disappointed to see that form is on google docs and all pseudo social networks platforms listed are mainstreams ones and none of the open alternative like Mastodon…

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Yeah, I think you hit the nail right on the head there.

They have; how should I put it, milked the Tuya exploit to their advantage and made some good cash along the way.

Good on them for that :clap:

Let’s see what this Creator Project brings US all. Are we gonna get more exploitable devices or some extra videos to watch.

Either way, doesn’t make a difference to me. My life will still continue.

All the best my friend :+1:

Gotta say HA does not appear to be in snooze mode. Nearly 2000 integrations (under 500 when I started I think).

Monthly releases with new stuff all the time.

Loving my HA.


Great idea! Thank you for this! This really helps me in creating more tutorials that are not prone to get outdated soon. :pray:t2:

Snooze mode…Regular updates, fixs and new stuff… Can’t say I get that in any other FREE SOFTWARE I use so strongly disagree


If YOU say so

Well looks like you will be the first Cab off the rank. Looking forward to it.

Not just him: i’ve had quick responses on core integration fixes all the way. And considering the amount of integrations I use, not that many bugs to begin with. Integrations are a pain to maintain as you are at the mercy of the other side.

And seeing they put out a feature release every month, and several bugfix releases inbetween - that is more than you can hope for from paid/closed software, which this is not.

What does pay for this all is people who are willing to pay a small monthly fee to have easy safe access to HA from outside their home and an easy link to smart assistants. And that is where content creators come in. The more people get enthousiastic about HA, the more are willing to pay a subscription, and the more Nabu Casa can do for us. So I applaud this initiative and the effort of all the content creators.


Yeah, me too my friend. I do and appreciate the hard work so give me a kick up the ass for that.

Just saying…

Would it not be awesome if we could buy a Home Assistant Temp/Motion sensor somewhere

That would be awesome.

It was not quite the point of the tuya cooperation you mentioned before, though, and I don’t think that turned out at all like what HA was promised, which is unfortunate.

My expectations from this? Almost no changes to the average user, but an easier job for creators and better youtube tutorials because they can more easily be future-proofed already in the planning phase.

Edit: Emphasis added


@thomasloven, Great One … I bow before you :blush:

Software needs hardware and vice versa so … where to from here …

Looking forward to what The Creator Project brings us all :crossed_fingers:

I applied for it :slight_smile: Hopefully we will get an awesome HA Creators group.

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@dwains Only just picked up on your work and I have to say you seem a prime candidate - good luck and thanks for your excellent contribution