Introducing the Home Assistant Creator Network!

@dexstar we’ve all had our fair share of frustrations whilst using HA but that seems unnecessarily rude and lacking in any supporting evidence.


Hahaha, you must be a comedian in your spare time. Love your comment.

Agree +1 for you :clap:

Guys its time to stop feeding this troll.


If we all just back away now nothing more will come of this. Be the bigger person.


Thomas, I wholeheartedly agree, however, when someone would like to share their opinion or maybe a suggestion or a comment, looks like you cannot my friend.

+1 Thomas L

Just wanted to check if I am supposed to get a confirmation email after I filled out the form. I did not get that, so I was wondering if I should fill in the form again. Thanks.

Could I suggest that links to the creators be shown in the actual blog post? I was not aware of a couple of them, and I had to scroll to the bottom of the linked page to figure out who they were. And Dr. Zzs isn’t included there. If HA is trying to help “keep our users informed”, it makes sense to make it easy to find the content creators.

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If you click the link to the Home Assistant Creators Network in the post there are links to their channels or websites at the bottom.

Thank you. I did mention that I found them there, but that Dr. Zzs is not included, so there is no link to his content.

In my opinion, scrolling all the way to the bottom of the linked page, where it may not be obvious to some that the circular logos are links, does not make for the easiest way for people to find the creators’ content. It makes sense to me that links with the names of the creators should be in the original announcement blog post. Maybe I am just getting old :slight_smile:

Maybe he didn’t want to be included? Who knows.

He’s in it

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I know that this might be logistically unfeasible due to deadlines and production schedules, but one thing I’d like to see is a bit of organization around monthly release videos. As it stands, there are usually 10+ videos that are shorter recaps of the new features at the same surface level that they are covered in the Home Assistant live video. While there is a place for that, it would be great if a few of the creators would each take on one of the new features in at a more in-depth manner.

And for monthly releases that are focused more on fixes and have fewer new features it be great to see creators take on older features that are under- or unrepresented in tutorials. Features like template number/select/button and Event triggers have almost zero tutorials with any depth.


I don’t understand? There’s constant development and communication. the opposite of snooze mode.

Very good and smart initiative! :+1:

It is for some time that I thought that there should be some way that experienced users could share their setup in a way that others can learn from it.
In the forum you can find bits an pieces that inspire and teach you something but you have to look for it and with the flood of new/updated topics, it’s not that obvious.
Even though the ‘Share you Project’ section is great, it reveals parts of ideas/solutions.

For less experienced/new users, most of us know that HA has a steep learning curve so knowing what can be done with HA in a smarter way takes quite some time/effort.
In the past, I have found some detailed descriptions of setups on GH that reveal a lot of stuff but I wonder how many users are aware of that.
On top of that, it’s a lot of yaml code which can be like Chinese.

TBC: this is in NO WAY any form of criticism on how things are done!
Just my 2c.

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The only problem with a blog/website is that nobody can tell how many people are following the blog. Even if your blog has an email subscription counter, or an RSS subscribe counter, or even a visitor counter, they can be faked. And there is no way to tell if the count is fake or not.

+1 Home Assistant Creator Network website with written blog-posts/articles from members and guests!

Love to see a mix similar to Tested and Instructables with both videos and written articles/guides.

Maybe Nabu Casa can sponsor early access to some videos for Home Assistant Cloud subscribers?

They could if each post/article also has a matching attached video linked embedded from YouTube.

Then users do not need to trust the website but can instead track the matching video on YouTube.

Some of the relative YouTubers (smaller and larger) that I follow that do not see listed or mentioned(?):

digiblurDIY (digiblur also got a website with related articles)

Home Automation Guy

Smart Home Makers

Smart Home Solver

The Hook Up


A great strength of the Home Assistant project is how quickly things are evolving and improving.

However this presents the challenge that content can become quickly outdated. Searches often turn up out-of-date material to follow, which negatively impacts the user experience.

Will there be any considerations within the Home Assistant creator network program to figure out how make sure content stays current and that out-of-date instructions are clearly labeled?

I agree that outdated content is a challenge, but I don’t think there is a universal way to deal with this. I am publishing articles on my own blog and the way I try to deal with this is:

  • Add some info about the versions I am using at the time of writing the article like HA version, ESPHome version, hardware model and firmware used, etc.
  • Occasionally I publish short amendments to articles if there are some significant changes or if visitors of my blog have pointed out issues or bugs they found.
  • Occasionally, especially for longer running projects, I publish new articles explaining how I have changed my approach, like for example migrating from Tasmota to ESPHome, or migrating from YAML configuration to UI based configuration, or when new integrations become available that make the whole project easier to build and maintain.
  • I do not keep all my published content fully up-to-date because that would just take a lot of time that I simply don’t have. So, unfortuntaly over time my older blog articles turn more into inspirational content that I hope some visitors may still find useful to adapt to their own situation. And, of course I’m always happy to answer any questions in the comments on my blog, or here in this community forum.
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