Introducing the Home Assistant Creator Network!

I realize there is no good answer to this problem of outdated content, but I do think it’s something content creators and those working to get more content created should think about.

@ exxamalte It sounds like you are taking some good steps to make sure good and current information gets out there. I’m not sure all content creators are that diligent.

Perhaps one of the ways the Creator Network can assist is by keeping curated lists of content, tagging content with the version numbers they were relevant for, and where possible flagging content that is either no longer considered relevant or goes again current best practices.

Correcting out of date youtube videos is not easy, people link to them all over the place, and on my understanding substituting or amending a video is next to impossible.

Bizarre perspective.

Yes, exactly. This is why I think if Nabu Casa is sponsoring efforts to generate more content, they should be giving consideration to the user experience (e.g how people find content and whether it is still relevant enough to help them.)

Just select YouTube if the blog posts have YouTube videos embedded. I mean blogs without any social platforms.

And the URL is …?

Please have a look around here: