INVALID_ACCESS_TOKEN_EXCEPTION with alexa using Nabu casa

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I am not experiencing any issues, that I have noticed thus far.

Does anyone know what is the root cause of this error? I want to get to the bottom of this. I feel that I should be able to delete something in the cloud folder or something to maybe reset the token, but not sure what I should delete.

I’m no help… but I just discovered this too!

We just had an update… possible break?

Well I am still running .97.0. What update are you on? I haven’t updated yet

0.97.2… so Its not an update!

I was researching the problem as you were its been around for a while…

Did you make any drastic changes as of late? I did when I transitioned from a Pi to Hassio VM on a server.

However, to be honest, i could have had this error before I moved but I was not really cleaning up errors in my setup until i decided to build from scratch and apply best practices and be more thorough and more involved in the HA community to figure out why things go wrong.

No… Ive been pretty stable… just started using Nabu Casa last week… All seems to be ok but with HA I’m learning that all that can channge

Not sure how new you are to HA but definitly the breaking of things happens and it is part of the journey. This is the first time I am tackling one issue at a time and it helps me learn.

Well hopefully we are not the only ones, and someone else comes back and has tried some things. I may try to poke around and see if I delete a token and try to see if a restart will fix this.

It could be an error with HA though. I just realized there is an error with homekit and z wave thermostats that I found on github as an open issue with HA.

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