Invert cover position

I have a couple of screens (covers) in my house controlled by Qubino z-wave shutter controls. Everything works, control icons are matchting the cover position. Only I expected HA to show the position and state (active vs inactive) inverted. When fully open (cover is up, window view is ‘open’) the state is ‘open’ but the position is 100 and the icon shows yellow, as if it is active. When fully closed (cover down, window view is blocked) the state is ‘closed’, the position is 0 and the icon shows blue, as if it is inactive.

What I want:

When cover is fully up:

  • position: 0
  • state: open
  • icon color: blue (not active)

When cover is not fully up (so also when just down for a little bit):

  • position > 0
  • state: closed
  • icon color: yellow (active)

Is any of this configurable? Most important at this moment is the icon color, I only want it to use the active color when the cover is not full up.

Thanks in advance.


Perhaps this topic can help you

Did you figure something out? I want the same. Active if close and not if open.

any news about this topic?
I have the same problem


#metoo, i have The same issue with my shutters

Hello everyone! I’m having this issue! On my smart life app everything is good, but on my home assistant everything is reversed (close opens and opens closes).

Does anyone know how can I reverse? :frowning:

I have also saw that everything is inverted. 0% on HA is 100% on smart life app. This is the issue basically… Is there anyway to invert the % on the HA?

there was a discussion during WTH of 2020:

At this thread there are also some solutions with template entities, which worked for me as well.

Mind sharing which solution worked best for you? :=)

Cause now I have to ask siri to close the shutter in order to open and this is brain farting me xD

Sure, you find my solution in this thread, too, not sure if this is a solution for siri as well: