Inverter Power Flow Card

The power flow card looks good pushing some big three phase power numbers.

Screen recording 2024-05-02 09.41.42

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Difficult to tell without seeing your config. Have you provided an essential_power: sensor? This is what you expect to see in the pink box

Your AUX power flow looks likes its moving the wrong direction unless that is -753W and you have show_absolute: true?

I’m using Aux to highlight a Vehicle to Home (V2H) power source for my low power essential circuits.

I really love the versatility your power flow card provides.

Hi… I love this card, but I have a small glitch happening with it. It doesn’t always display the animated icons for my battery house or grid. Sometimes they appear and flash very quickly, sometimes only half of it appears, most times not at all. I have the card embedded in an frame of a Dakboard dashboard running in chrome on a raspberry pi 4. Any ideas why this is happening?

Hi @nrgz28. No idea. Have you tried asking for help from Dakboard support


I like your card very much. Thanks for sharing.
And i know this card is not written for my anker system with two akkus.
But with the new Homeassisant Integration there a lot of sensor given to configure your card. It worked very well.
I have two questions.

  1. Is ist possible to get a kind of second Info for the blue Box? The 332 W is my house consumption.
  2. I have seen some pictures showing at the akku side some infos like this: 88% / 50%
    I this a second akku? Or what is it?
    I have sensons for the complete load and for every single akku, but i can found only one entity for one akku: battery_power_190.

Hi @Nathanael2316. There is an option to add an additional essential_load1. Can you not use this to to show the 294W.
For the 88% | 50% are you referring to the battery SOC? If so the first value is the current SOC and the second value is the SOC value configured for the active timeslot. This is a Sunsynk/Deye setting but other inverters have this capability.
You will need to create some template sensors to handle multiple batteries.

Yes the option essential_load1 can be used but the color doesn’t really fit. It should be yellow. But it is a good workaround to get the solar own consumption house.

I think the anker batteries do not have this option.
Thanks for you quick response.

How do you calculate the Autark 22%? The yellow color doesn’t fit
171 (solar own consumption house)*100/478 (house consumption)= 36% The yellow color fit

Well, I ended up turning off “Hardware Acceleration” in Chromium and that seems to have done the trick. Weird…

Hi. Have a look at the documentation It explains the sensors and how the card can be configured with the various options.

Consumption also includes aux and non_essential power. Its not possible to tell without seeing your full config if you have configured these sensors.

Try setting nonessential_power: no

Glad you figured it out

Is there any way to rename the “Daily Aux” label to something custom ?

Not at the moment, but its a good idea. @nrgz28 I’ve added this to Release v4.37.0 · slipx06/sunsynk-power-flow-card · GitHub

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You’re the man!


Hi - thanks for the amazing work you are doing
I am trying to use the essential_load2 to show daily cost +ve and -ve
essential_load2: sensor.ss_cost_electric
i start the day with £0.49 which is the daily standing charge
essential_load2 only shows zero not the decimal places
If i click on it i can see the sensor with its correct value
I realise there are bigger fish to fry but am i missing a setting ?
Regards Jeff

Hi @slipx06.

I have updated to your actual version.
Now the yellow color grow up vom roof to bottom. In your version before it grow up from bottom to roof. (see picture above). Is this correct? No values changed from old to actual version.

Yes that’s correct. The change was introduced in the last update.

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Hi @digger42. The card is rounding that value down to 0. You should rather use the essential_load1_extra: attribute or you can use energy_cost_buy: and energy_cost_sell: attributes to display this on the grid side

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is it pssible to use your Card with two grid entities? I have on for the supply to the grid and one consume from the grid. SMA Inverter.
i tried to help me with a substraktion helper but its not looking good.