Inverter Power Flow Card

An animated Home Assistant card to emulate the power flow that’s shown on the Sunsynk Inverter screen. You can use this to display data from many inverters e.g. Sunsynk, Deye, Solis, Lux, FoxESS, Goodwe, Huawei etc as long as you have the required sensor data.

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Compact Version



Lite Version


Full Version



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  • Option to switch between three card styles: compact , lite or full.
  • Animated power flow based on positive/negative/zero sensor values with configurable dynamic speed. (Supports inverted battery, AUX and grid power).
  • Dynamic battery image based on SOC (empty->low->medium->high).
  • Grid connected status.
  • Configurable battery size and shutdown SOC to calculate and display remaining battery runtime based on current battery usage and system time slot setting i.e. SOC, Grid Charge. Can be toggled off.
  • Daily Totals that can be toggled on or off.
  • Hide all solar data if not installed or specify number of mppts in use. Set custom MPPT labels.
  • “Use Timer” setting and “Energy Pattern” setting (Priority Load or Priority Battery) shown as dynamic icons, with the ability to hide if not required. If setup as switches can be toggled by clicking on the card.
  • Panel mode for bigger card.
  • AUX and Non-essential can be hidden from the full card or assigned configurable labels.
  • Customisable - Change colours and images.
  • Most entities can be clicked to show more-info dialog.
  • Optional data points include self sufficiency and ratio percentages, battery temperature, AC and DC temperature.
  • Display additional non-essential, essential and AUX loads.
  • Display energy cost per kWh and solar sell status.
  • Select your inverter model for custom inverter status and battery status messages i.e. Sunsynk, Lux, Goodwe, Solis.

Hope you find it useful and feel free to make it better.

If you are looking for some Dashboard ideas to use this card or monitor energy usage see here


Any chance this will work with the Deye Inverters?

Yes it will work with Deye. As long as you are able to read the necessary sensor data it will be fine.

Brilliant - going to give this a spin shortly!!!

Can you assist - I think I am missing something
I have added the card as shown but when I try add it to a dashboard I cannot see the Custom Card:

Screenshot 2023-04-22 at 16.14.11

Is this right?

Yes. Now you need to add the resource to your Dashboard as per the steps in the GitHub repo

Like so?

Ive tried this path and the path as in the Github repo but the card still wont show for me

The path is wrong. If you don’t have hacs installed you can create a directory like so /config/www/sunsynk-card and then the path will be /local/sunsynk-card/sunsynkcard.js

Thank you for bearing with me - got that right… This Noob is going to take a dinner break and then carry on !!!


  • Rewrite custom component
  • Card style (lie, simple, full) can be selected from the card config
  • Added daily usage to all card styles (Can be hidden)
  • Added an attribute to specify your total battery energy. This is used to display remaining battery runtime based on current battery discharge. You can set this to hidden to remove from the card.
  • Better error handling when sensors or attributes are missing

The complete list of card attributes and description is in the new branch. For those of you that still want to custom the look and feel or add your own SVG elements use the old branch


  • Added ability to hide all solar data if solar is not used
  • Add option to specify battery shutdown percentage i…e minimum soc for better runtime calculation
  • Added Use Timer icons and Energy Pattern icons (Priority Load or Priority Battery) and ability to hide if not required
  • Other fixes

Hi there

I think i am again missing something - when I add to the dasgboard it shows as follows?


Hi. Looks like you are still using the old card. The new card has been renamed and there are many updates. You need to download and follow the instructions in the repo


Also be sure to clear your browser cache

This great thank you!!!

I have got it up and running however since I am running a deye and not a sunsynk it seems some of the entities are missing which is not a huge issue. I have most of what I want but if you can tell me which attrribute is marked off in the image below I would be most grateful:

That’s great. It uses this attribute

Brilliant Thanks
Going to take a good look at this again later and might ask one or two more attributes!!!
The only two I am really missing is the Battery Daily Charge and Discharge but they dont seem to exist in my setup!!!

Again Thank you soo much - Looks like its up and running as good as I can get it.


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Some updates :grin:

New version 1.0.1

  • Update show solar and daily totals card config options

New version 1.0.2

  • Correctly size card when show_solar: no and cardstyle: lite

New version 1.0.3

  • Fix wonky essential path

New version 1.0.4

  • Add panel_mode attribute: yes/no. Removes any card height restrictions for better card scaling. For use with Panel(1 card) view types or grid layouts.
  • Update grid_status_194 attribute. Now accepts 1/0 or `on/off``

Great news - Ill be updating later today !!! :slight_smile:

New version 1.1.0

  • Change the inverter image to create a more unified look and feel.
  • Reposition some of the path elements
  • Add inverter_colour: attribute to the card config. Customise the look of your card by choosing your own inverter colour.