Invmate EVA II Dehumidifier

I’m looking for support for the Invmate EVA II Pro wifi dehumidifer as below, although it appears that the the same protocol will support all their devices/ aircon units.

There is a thread on OpenHAB which suggests it is the same protocol from and also used on Midea units.

Anybody investigated this at all?

Any update on this topic?

I found a ruby gem to connect with Midea air condition


I don’t have the dehumidifier with me, so it’s impossible to test :frowning:

Anyone can test if these apps works with Invmate EVA II Dehumidifier:


Ios App:

I have tested the apps mentioned and only the last one works.
also the following apps work with my Inventor dehumidifier:

I have also tested the ruby gem and I can configure it (midea-ac configure) and get a list of my devices (midea-ac list) with the API key from the ruby gem github but I’m getting errors when trying to get / set the device status.

Looks like @NeoArcheron has made progress converting the ruby code into python and a beta HA library.

Check out this topic:

And the code on github:

Any news for this deumidifier?

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Hi guys,
I am glad to inform you that I just finished to develop a fully working client-side python library able to control the EVA II PRO WiFi Smart Dehumidifier appliance. You can find my library on this github repo:

Unfortunately, until now I was not aware that NeoAcheron has been working on a very similar code.
I expect to use my code to integrate the EVA II dehuidifier in Home Assistant by creating a new component in the next weeks.

Best Regards

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Hi Barban
NeoAcheron is focused on the air conditioner that the Midea code is compatible with. He does not have a EVA II so therefore is relying on others to feedback to support. So a dehumidifier focused component from yourself would be great.

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Could you @barban please make the component so we can use it with HA ?

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I just released a new custom component able to control this device.