Wifi dehumidifier

any news? i have the same Dehumidifier


No news :(. They keep ignoring me. If you want to send also, please do, maybe the more of us might do something more :).

Agree I’ve asked for publication of the API, separately I also asked for Amazon Alexa support. The more people that request the more likely they are to add these features.

:smiley: let’s hope we get a proper response finally.
@KrisRux can you help us out, and spam them also ? thanx :smiley: !

edit: @fakezeta doesn’t actually own this Dehumidifier, sorry for tagging you :slight_smile:

@geo yesssssssss :smiley: Good News

Yes :smiley: thank you @KrisRux.

I hope we finally get an answer, it’s really a shame, the device itself is pretty good.

@jchasey i had no idea you can contact Amazon Alexa support. I’ll check that also, thanx :slight_smile:

can you share the link maybe ?

Sorry I contacted Innventor twice on separate occasions, once asking for open API access, the second asking about Alexa support. I reckoned that the staff there would treat these things as entirely separate features.

I got no reply from my last emails, I just keep trying.

You’re welcome!

and yet no reply.
damn it…

So just an update that after countless emails and requests, my request got denied again with the same reason, that the company has no control over the app and they cannot help me in any way etc.

that’s a real bummer :frowning:

Do you know if the Android APK has ssl pinning enabled?

If it’s not enabled, can we use the Charles Proxy to check the HTTP requests?

i have no idea @diogopms to tell you the truth, if anyone can have a look that would be great, since my knowledge is limited.

Some very encouraging update from some folks in the forum :smiley:

more over to Installing to Home Assistant · NeoAcheron/midea-ac-py Wiki · GitHub

thank you @NeoAcheron and @barban !!!

ssl pinning is not enabled.
You can use a web proxy as man-in-the-middle and sniff packets.
After the login phase, order/reply commands are AES encrypted, so you have to post-elaborate the messages you can see from the proxy.
You can found further details on the README of my repo:

I just released a custom component that is able to control this device.
More info in the folowing new post:

Guys, I have a question to clarify - I recently got this device and I’m interested to control it through Wi-Fi, but currently there is no such option in the interface…

Can I buy a separate wi-fi adapter and mount it inside?

Thank you.

I am glad to inform you that I completely rewritten the custom component.
The code is now based on (de)humidificator platform. You can find the new github repo here..
Please also note that the component was reported to be able to work also with Comfee MDDP-50DEN7 appliance.

Great job barban.

Any developments on this front or the EVO is the best smart dehumidifier out there for now? It seems a bit too loud for my space. I’m in a 55m2 place.

I already have a non-wifi enabled dehumidifier and was thinking of trying out a jury rig with it… although I’m pretty sure I would just waste a lot of time and the unit if I tried :sweat_smile: