iOS 12 and saying goodbye to an old friend

Any chance on getting widget support so we can select a few switches to be added to a widget panel? It’s the only thing I miss from smart things. With a more recent phone it’s not that bad but still feels a bit clumsy. I think this would be a significant improvement. Well, I have iPhone 6s and when I face any issue. I was dial apple customer service number.

You can do this if you run HomeBridge/HomeKit. Their are a couple of HomeKit apps out there that support widgets. I run HomeBridge only for this reason and only for a couple of selected entities for easy access without unlocking the phone.

But I agree to have it natively in the Home Assistant app makes sense.

This along with other useful integrations might make a surprise appearance in the iOS 12 update, we’ll just have to wait and see :slight_smile:


This would be really good… if I understand it correctly, there’s no other way the iPhone could give me notifications about security alerts while DND is set? For example Pushover couldn’t bypass the DND settings…?


A new type of opt-in alert for important information, like reports from a healthcare provider, which you’ll receive even during Do Not Disturb.

Is there an update to the ios mobile app to work with the new authentication of HA .78? Or is this issue in someone’s else court? And hopefully I didn’t miss something I was supposed to do but I am getting an unauthorized error in HA and in the mobile app when entering either. (but then it lets me in fine for now)

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FYI - I am on .78.3 and still accessing HA without any issue using the new user/pwd.

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I don’t see a place in the mobile app to enter a username. It takes me to the config page of the mobile app each time I launch it on the iPhone and I have to hit Done to get out of it. It still works after doing that but I have to do it each time I launch the app. I thought I read somewhere (.78 release notes?) an update to the mobile app was needed and coming soon but I don’t see when that is.

Maybe I’m delusional, but I recall getting prompted for it on both my iPhone and my wife’s.

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I get an error message every time too with .77/.78
I am getting the same thing @RandyA is getting. No place to put in my username/password, only a password. The version is 1.1.1 in iOS

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my version is also 1.1.1

Initial connection on launch still uses the legacy HTTP password, but you’ll receive a second login screen if using the new auth. The new client will go straight to native user auth.

Any news on the Siri shortcuts? I’ve been having a blast setting them up but would be awesome to incorporate home assistant entities into them

The new auth API is now available for public beta testing! More info here. This does not include any of the above mentioned iOS 12 features, just the internal overhaul of everything + native support for the new auth API.


Siri Shortcuts are coming along quite nicely! I expect to push out a iOS 12 release to beta testers shortly after we get this last iOS 9/new auth API/internal overhaul release out the door.


Yeah. Widget it will be great option

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I am using it on iOS 12 and it works fine with me…

Hi @robbiet480 can i join the beta program and give you shortcut feedback?


see robbies post up above. There is a link to the public beta. Public Beta Testing is now open!

I made a pr to the docs about grouping of notifications since I saw that it wasn’t mentioned there.